Some of the commonly used glasses and their functions

The human anatomy has systems that work concurrently in support of each other. Sometimes, however, parts of these systems are not perfect performance, which could be internally or through manifested symptoms. Over the years, man has come up with ways to aid close to, if not all, his body parts. Through technological advancements and research, various treatments for various deformities exist, from wheelchairs for disabled people to hearing aids for the partially deaf and more intrusive aids like pacemakers and plastic voiceboxes, all solved one at a time. What makes these aids interesting is how they can be adapted for purposes other than the primary intent. Take glasses, for example, and they were invented in the early thirteenth century by an Italian scholar Salvino with the idea of helping individuals with depth perception issues. The article introduces the different types of glasses and their specific uses. 

Prescribed glasses after medical examination

 Prescribed glasses are given after examination of the eyes and include a series of tests and reviews by a trained professional to determine the root of the problem. After identification, medications might be offered to deal with the issue with the option of prescribed glasses in case of severity. The primary purpose of prescribed glasses is to increase focus and reduce strain brought to the eye while reading or when exposed to certain lights. Prescribed glasses also prevent further damage to the eyes and offer the assistance the eye needs to function normally. These glasses are often expensive compared to other types of glasses because of the cost of the lenses necessary, which are not easily accessible, especially in poverty-stricken areas. The frame also determines the price of the glasses depending on the size, design, and material used to make them. The patient gets to pick the frame they prefer. Thick-rimmed geometric glasses frames have proven to be most popular among prescribed glasses users. Contact lenses are vastly growing in popularity. Tortoiseshell glasses were popular and are now considered a timeless jewel because of their unique design, which could be used in different settings, including both official and casual instances.

Glamour glasses for enhanced looks

Popular in summer and beach wear, glamour sunglasses are used to complete fashion looks. Considering the frame’s color, size, and shape, finding the perfect sun protection for the eyes while under a scorching sun seems instinctive. They may aid in preventing sun-eye contact, but glamour glasses are not medically prescribed and do not aid in clarity of sight. They are available at thrift shops and maybe wisely used as disguises for their ability to change one’s looks completely. Aviator glasses have a light frame and mainly tinted lenses, which make for an easy change in appearance. The use of glamour glasses is a common practice today and gives room for matching different natures of sunglasses, including frames and darker lenses which speak volumes.

Tool glasses for physical protection

These refer to glasses built with specific enhancements to protect the eye while dealing with conditions that would otherwise injure it. From welding glasses to swimming glasses used by divers, the workings of man have been made possible by incorporating non-medicational glasses into these activities. Using tool glasses follows the traditional belief that protection is better than cure which has been the solution to many problems before they even happen.

Ornamental grasses for enhanced personality

Some people have attested to wearing glasses to look more brilliant and more in control of the situation. A person with glasses inspires more confidence from his mates than one without. It is impossible to explain why this is the case logically, but this popular opinion is held quite dearly. Other ornamental ways that glasses can be used ornamentally are during fashion show runways or photo and video shoots. 

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