Naya Clinics Making Marriage Counseling Accessible

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Naya Clinics may be known for their Cincinnati Marriage counseling services and world-class Cincinnati Therapists, but the fact is that they also provide online counseling services to better serve their clients. 

Dr. Sam Nabil, director and founder of Naya Clinics said that, “We’ve always been a bit modern in our approach, and because counseling can be such a sensitive topic or area, we want to make sure that our clients remain comfortable and at ease.”

Naya Clinics specialize in marriage counseling, which is something that is seen as taboo in certain cultures and even in America, you would be hard pressed to find any of his clients willing to be open about marriage counseling. 

“Offering online counseling gives our clients some semblance of control over their personal and private lives. They have the option to come to one of our offices, but if they prefer the privacy of their own homes, they are welcomed to that as well.” 

Sometimes people prefer to work things out on their own terms, explains the doctor, and says that it isn’t uncommon for struggling couples to keep their issues under wraps until their problems have come to a satisfactory conclusion, whether that be divorce, or a renewed sense of love and commitment. 

Another reason why Naya Clinics is at the forefront of providing counseling services to their clients is because we are seeing an unprecedented increase in divorce all over the world, in part due to the global pandemic. 

“Being locked up in close quarters without being able to escape tense situations can often lead to confrontations… which can be detrimental to the relationship, especially when they aren’t ready to face it,” explains Nabil. 

While co-parenting can be effective and a much better option than married partners that aren’t in a happy relationship, it is much more ideal for a couple to be happily married in order to be good parents. According to Sam Nabil, children from troubled families often grow up to become traumatized individuals that have social inadequacies due to the lack of a role model for a healthy relationship. They might be more accepting of toxic behavior or even demonstrate toxic behavior themselves without knowing that they are being toxic at all. 

“A healthy psyche starts from a healthy childhood,” says Nabil, “Healthy children come from healthy and well-adjusted parents. By targeting marriages through counseling, we will be able to target families that might be vulnerable to communication breakdowns.”

Studies have shown that clinics with online services receive relatively promising feedback, considering that many clients would not have opted to go for counseling if online counseling was not available. Oftentimes, it is due to a clash in schedule, with many feeling that they would much rather use that time to do something more productive, and write off counseling on their list of priorities. Other times, it’s simply inconvenient, especially if the potential patients have very young children and no other family in the city. 

“Being accessible in the digital age should be the pinnacle for every service provider,” Nabil announced, stating that the clinic will continue to expand and grow in order to develop their online sector. 

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