Top Considerations For New Apartment Rental For OSU Students

As a new student of Oregon State University, chances are you will be on the lookout for the best rental opportunities in the area. Of course, choosing off-campus living can offer you much more freedom, but you will have to consider various elements that you probably wouldn’t think about so much if you were living on campus.

Of course, we are referring to safety and security. College students have a whole host of expensive belongings that can entice people to try and enter their homes. And living independently can make these risks feel even more severe.

In this article, we will take you through how you can overcome security queries you may have regarding moving into a new rental apartment and the safety measures you should check for before moving in. 

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A video security system that validates only authorized people

Apartment buildings should always have video systems that authorize those entering the premises. Although it may sound unwarranted to have cameras in place, having them in communal areas and entry points is essential to keeping building residents as safe as possible. 

The easiest way for video systems to validate those requesting entry is to integrate with a key fob security system. This ensures that the fob entry credential aligns with its user, guaranteeing that only authorized residents and guests can enter the premises. 

A credential that grants you access to spaces in your building that have restricted access

Leading on from the above point, there should be a separate key fob that grants you access to other parts of the building. For example, the fob you use to get through the main entry point should be different from the fob you use to get into your apartment or the gym, etc. 

Having personalized keys for your own apartment space helps you to feel more secure that only you have this credential while also giving you a sense of privacy and comfort in your surroundings. This also leverages the safety of restricted access areas such as gyms, parking spaces, laundry rooms, etc, and means that the only place an unauthorized guest could go is the lobby.  

Secure and simplified package management for tenants

Ordering a package to your apartment for the first time can strike fear into your heart if you’re unsure how secure package management is for your building’s residents. Therefore, it is always best to check this before ordering anything, but a secure system should be in place. 

Some buildings have started introducing smart packaging management tools such as a packaging app and smart packaging storage rooms that notify you when a package with your name has been received, leaving you with a barcode to scan. However, other methods of packaging management may be more old-fashioned such as just keeping your package behind the front desk until you come to collect it. 

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Whether or not you need indoor or outdoor parking for your car

If you will be taking a car with you to college, it is fundamental that you accurately research if your chosen apartment has parking facilities. Parking in spaces that aren’t explicitly reserved for your building can increase the risks of theft and damage, so it is always best to find a rental apartment with a parking space too. 

Often, a rental apartment complete with parking for your car will cost a certain amount to use. We recommend going through all these details in your initial apartment viewing or call-up.


There are multiple factors that OSU students should consider regarding off-campus apartment rentals that will increase their security and safety. Usually, these factors will be explained during the apartment viewing or in its listing, but make sure you actively look out for the above considerations and inquire if you don’t see them in your viewing or the listing information.

Keeping yourself and your belongings safe during your time at college is essential, so don’t be afraid to ask your landlord for more information regarding your building’s security at any point!

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