Your Perfect Mattress Match – Find Your Dream Mattress

Many families in the home life, the most easily ignored is the importance of the mattress, today SweetNight with you to discuss some knowledge points about the mattress, I hope to help you friends.

When choosing a mattress, we should be the first to understand how the mattress is composed.

Its main structure is divided into three layers: the fabric layer, filling layer and is the spring layer, and then with some auxiliary materials. Spring mattress regardless of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of structures are the same.

Although the mattress is not high-tech, but extremely important for daily sleep. One third of a day is lying in bed, every day when you get home from work, tired all day, the most need is a quality sleep environment, so it is clear that the importance of a comfortable mattress.

Filling layer

Filling layer is generally the most mainstream materials: latex, sponge, memory foam, coconut palm, mountain palm, etc. (and a 3D palm, here is not the main talk)

Sponge class

Sponge is a plastic foam synthetic products, more popular is the East Asia sponge, can make soft / hard / moderate sleep, so you want any soft hardness of the mattress almost all can use sponge with out, is also the mattress filling class use the most material.

Advantages: sponge mattress by molding, fit your body shape of weight change, compared with other mattress materials, with light, comfortable and other characteristics.

Disadvantages: sponge mattress is relatively soft, people lying down can not form the strength of the waist support, resulting in long-term tension in the lumbar muscle, long will cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion and other diseases.


Latex is a natural rubber sap collected from the rubber tree, through a series of foam processing and manufacturing.

Advantages: anti-mite mite, sleep feeling great rebound.

Disadvantages: easy yellowing and chalking over time.

Although latex will have yellowing, chalking the inevitable phenomenon, no matter how advanced latex will exist such phenomena, but it is really the most comfortable sleep.

Memory foam

Memory foam can be generally categorized as sponge, also known as slow rebound, it is seriously the first used in aviation technology, a slow rebound fit, the astronauts can play a cushioning role.

Advantages: good temperature sensitivity, good decompression, safety and environmental protection, etc.

Disadvantages: it has the characteristics of heat storage, in the summer without cold air environment is best to suspend the use.

Coconut palm

Coconut palm is a filamentous substance extracted from the shell of coconut, which is compressed into bundles after high temperature sterilization and cleanliness. Coir is currently the most used material in our homes.

Advantages: moisture-proof, breathable, anti-bacterial effect, coconut palm seat cushion has breathable, anti-corrosion, non-deformation, insect-resistant, not stuffy.

Disadvantages: its glue content exceeds the standard more.

Mountain palm

Its fiber is thicker, longer, tougher, and stronger. There is also the softness of the mountain palm is more moderate, it is between the hard board bed and spring bed, flexibility is particularly good.

Advantages: water and moisture resistance, good tensile strength, so in ancient times used to make strawberry and boat cable, according to the Materia Medica records that it has medicinal value.

Disadvantages: low production, relatively high cost, so it is naturally sold at a higher price.

Spring layer

The above mainly introduced the mattress filling layer, the following to talk about the spring, in fact, it is the equivalent of the car engine, playing the most direct support role. It can be said that a mattress is good or bad, the most core is the spring.

The most mainstream on the market is the independent pocket spring, press the local spring, next to the spring will not move, there will be no “pull a whole body” situation, the pursuit of anti-interference, the left side of the right side of the move does not want to affect too much, preferred this type of spring mattress. Each spring is an independent cloth bag wrapped, mainly to play the role of anti-interference so that the husband will not affect the wife turn over shallow sleep can choose this spring.

Its disadvantage is that the durability and environmental protection is relatively poor.

Relative to the entire network of springs, independent pocket springs are glued, but is the most environmentally friendly glue, hot melt glue in the process of solidification will emit formaldehyde, after solidification there will be no formaldehyde release, so there is no need to worry about the impact on the body.

The fabric layer

The fabric layer is the outermost layer of the mattress. Common fabrics are: cotton fabrics, canvas fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics, bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics, 3D fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics, jute fabrics, jacquard fabrics, gold and silver fabrics, etc., many kinds. Here we will not introduce one by one.

Final summary

Mattress is the evolution of the board, mattress softness depends on the mattress using the filling layer, it is well understood that the filling layer is in addition to the fabric and your body in direct contact with the layer. The mattress for small children to sleep inside the home is preferred to support good, breathable, environmentally friendly. In addition, the mattress size chart and mattress thickness , is also a great influence on the dimension, remember to choose the right yo when buying.

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