The Outpatient and inpatient detoxification process

Detox has been a successful way to help patients recover from drug dependence. But before starting your detoxification journey, it’s good to identify options and which one will work best for you.

Choosing the best option will be determined by the substance used and also the withdrawal symptoms that will arise during treatment.

There are two options available which are outpatient and inpatient detox programs.

  • Inpatient detox program

The inpatient detox program happens when the patient is inside the treatment facility. It’s called the medical detox, where the health practitioners monitor physical changes and any effects.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the inpatient detox program.


  1. Favourable for those who have lots of temptations at home.
  2. Provides a comfortable area for recovery.
  3. Health practitioners are at your beck and call when you need them, and they get to observe even the slightest changes.
  4. The patient gets to be free from worldly pressures and concentrate on getting better
  5. This program has successfully treated severe withdrawal symptoms


  1. The inpatient detox program may work well until the patient returns home and the environment doesn’t help them get better.
  2. Friends and family should be involved to help after the program ends, but in this case, they are not fully involved. It usually expensive compared to the outpatient program
  3. The patient gets to put their life on hold as they get treatment.
  • Outpatient detox program

This program takes place outside the rehabilitation center. The patient is often required to come to the facility weekly for checkups and medication. The first session is usually a bit longer, about an hour or more, but after that, the weekly visits take a shorter time.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages that the patient should know before starting.


  1. The patient gets to continue working and tending to their issues as treatment continues.
  2. Less expensive compared to the inpatient program.
  3. The patient interacts with family and friends who will learn and support them through the treatment.
  4. It works best for patients who don’t have severe withdrawal symptoms.


  1.  It is easier for patients in this program to relapse because they are not in a controlled environment like an inpatient.
  2. Patients who have unsupportive family and friends will find it harder to abstain from drugs. 
  3. The people around them may also be suffering from drug addiction, which will not help through treatment.
  4. Attending the rehab centre weekly may be hectic for some patients, and they may quit overall.
  5. The outpatient program is not sustainable for someone with severe withdrawal symptoms.


Inpatient detox programs are the most advised, but as discussed above, both of them are just as effective. However, inpatient detox programs are recommended for patients who suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms, while outpatient programs are advised for patients with mild withdrawal symptoms.

Family and friends around the patient also determine what detox program a patient should consider by having to visit company website to assist in getting a detox centre ideal for your family member. 

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