Women Who Have Influenced Women’s Rights and Their Perception in Society

It’s not a secret that women were discriminated against for a long time. They couldn’t vote until the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution was adopted, they were paid less at work and were considered their men’s property. But everything has changed with time. Thanks to activists women feel like respectful members of society with a full range of rights. They can write a book, promote the necessary legislation, speak publicly, and use social connections for women’s rights promotion. Let’s talk about the most famous personalities and their contribution to the women’s rights movement. Pay attention to the list below and read the information: 

1. Rosa Parks 

She is a famous voting rights activist who was discriminated against both because of her race and sex. Rosa Parks was black and was arrested for refusing to give a seat to a white passenger in 1955. Her human rights fighting activity started when she wanted to register her vote in the 1940s. The activists made several attempts to vote, but they brought no result. You can learn more about the activities and her influence on society in the online library and download Rosa Parks essay for free. She was a brave personality and had no fair to speak publicly.

2. Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was the spouse of the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt. But she has shown an interest in women’s rights a long time before her husband won the elections. She joined the Women Trade Union League in 1922 and thanks to her Franklin Roosevelt and feminist activists got acquainted. Eleanor has used her legal status as the first lady to promote ideas of women’s rights. She made a great contribution to women workers’ rights. Eleanor continued her activist activity after Franklin’s death and strived for the right to equal pay before John F. Kennedy’s administration. 

3. Alice Paul 

This human rights activist has mentioned that it was incredible for her to fight for equal rights. She is famous as the author of the amendment on equal rights and tried to promote it in Congress. The first draft dates 1923. It was passed by Congress in 1972, but not enough states ratified it during that period. But Paul’s contribution to the women’s rights movement is a great influence on society. 

4. Rose Schneiderman 

She is famous as a labor rights activist of the post-suffrage stage. Rose Schneiderman had an occupation of Women’s Trade Union League’s President from 1926 to 1950. She tried to promote the idea of working women’s rights through the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and the American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She strived for compensation for working women during the Great Depression Period. Thanks to Rose Schneiderman’s human rights fighting the ideas of fair wages and social protection were taken to the attention. 

5. Molly Dewson 

Thanks to Molly Dewson’s activity women have got more influence in the political area. She was a member of the Democratic Party and held many advocacy campaigns connected with women’s rights. Thanks to her, women had an opportunity to be appointed to political occupations. She worked together with the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and had an influence on the current president and the reformation process. The women have got a right to be chosen. 

The bottom line 

All the aforementioned activists ruin any possible stereotype about women. Each of them is a brave and talented person. They know how to use social connections with famous politicians and how to achieve anything they want. These women are not afraid of expressing their opinion. It was impossible for women to be equal with men without honest words. Many legislation, beneficial for women, was passed. The activists make progress in all the spheres of life: politics, employment, social protection, education, and so on. They prove the idea that women should be present in all spheres of life. It is one of the main grounds for rule of law and democracy.

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