The Dream Of Home Ownership: Luxury Architecture In Phuket

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In a fast changing world like the one we live in, security and the build up of some reserves are key to a balanced and sustainable existence. That is why more and more people return to investing into their own homes, some of which can be not only luxurious and spacious but also on the other side of the planet. 

Thailand and south-east Asia in general are very popular amongst the dreamers. The exotic and sunny country has a lot to offer and convinces not only with its amazing beaches, the tropical landscape and the extraordinary cuisine but also with its architecture. An experienced and renowned architect in Phuket Thailand for instance is highly recommended among those who are looking for luxury and comfort. While the neighbouring countries are known for their great cuisine, hotels and beaches as well, the most interesting luxury high end architecture in southeast asia is to be found in Phuket. Besides ambitious and visionary designs, a landscape architect has an important role as well, when it comes to sustainable development of luxury real estate. But where does the desire of becoming a homeowner come from and what exactly makes the architecture of Phuket so special? We have the answers for you!

Dreaming of home ownership

In times of change, when the world transforms and a new chapter of history begins, a lot of chaos occurs and muddles up the lives of the people who have the pleasure to live in such a generation. In such confusing times people are searching for especially one thing: security. Creating or improving security means the establishment of a situation in which the individual, the group or the company are better protected and have bigger reserves to cover them in any case. There are many ways of creating security and some people that suddenly appear at your doorstep on a peaceful Saturday morning might even offer to help you improve the security in your life, some of which later appear to be an actual threat to your security. It may be better to try to find a way to create your own security and even if you need some consultation which may influence your decision of what way you choose to protect yourself, finding your own way will feel better. 

One of the most popular ways to improve financial security is to invest into real estate. Buying or even building a house or an apartment for yourself and your family will set you free from rent, in the best case ensure you a steady worth of the property and has the charming side effect that your children will profit as well when they are older. While it is absolutely common in many cultures to purchase or own a property and pass it through the generations, owning a house became something for the rich in the western world. 

Most of the people can not or do not want to afford their own property, even if it means better security, and prefer to rent. If the decision is made to buy an own home the question of where the home will be is of great importance. While some may prefer to settle down in their lovely hometown and enjoy the beauty of Oregon, others yearn for something different, something more exotic, warm and paradisaical than Chicago for instance. 

That is why many of the ones who can afford it look for interesting places abroad and often stumble upon the breathtaking architecture Thailand and especially Phuket has to offer.

The coastline of Phuket and its breathtaking luxury architecture

Of course, most of the business professionals are dependent on being close to big cities like Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Dubai, or New York and involuntarily spend their lives in the dusty metropoles. But as the world has changed, so has business and many people are able to make or sustain great amounts of money comfortably from home independent from any location on the planet. That is why many of the wealthy ones choose the paradise of the southeast Asian riviera and invest millions in real estate at Thailand’s coastline rather than buying expensive and small apartments in Manhattan.

Without any doubt the scenery of Phuket alone is absolutely magnificent, lined with palm trees, coconuts, white beaches, and blessed with tropical temperatures, the villas and mansions the developers create in this scenery are even more extraordinary. Whether a decent apartment with a pool on the rooftop or a full grown 1000 square meter mansion with its own helipad, whether investors are a young ambitious couple with kids or an old hand of the business sector wanting to enjoy his retirement, the real estate sector of Phuket offers everything. We advise you to contact a leading and renown real estate agent in Phuket Thailand, if you are looking into some land or buying a Luxury Villa. 

The beautiful environment and great amount of visitors and popularity Phuket has gained over the years has attracted many visionary architects from Thailand and elsewhere who are known to develop brave and ambitious projects of extraordinary beauty. Villas around the Andaman Sea on the head of Kamala may connect different buildings with each other on more than 3600 sqm land. Such a property often consists of a dining area, a gourmet kitchen, a spa massage room and of course an infinity pool all with an absolutely breathtaking view on the turquoise sea from the fruitful green hills.

The art of landscape architecture in the luxury real estates of Thailand

To develop such ambitious and modern projects along the hilly and wild coastline of Thailand’s Phuket it often needs more than just contemporary design. Creating an individual and luxurious villa in the hills without hurting the vital ecosystems of the environment requires contemporary thinking. Besides designing the building itself, the implementation of the project into the surrounding is extremely important. That is why landscape architecture plays an important role when it comes to developing luxury real estate in Thailand.

Especially the individual and unique projects are the ones which need to blend in with the coastline rather than sticking out. Sustainability and the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions are often required as well as many investors are specifically asking for it. 

In fact, Thailand is one of the pioneers in matters of environmentally friendly and sustainable development of real estate in the entire south-east Asia.

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