Opportunities To Make Money Being At College

Are you a student looking for opportunities to make money being at college? This article discusses all you need to know to make that extra cash as a student. Read now!

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Life is not all about money, but it’s an important part, and without it, it would be difficult to get what we need. Many people, including students, would love to have an extra source of income. Students also want to work and earn money on the side without hampering their academic pursuits.

You can do several legitimate tasks as a student to make this extra cash, depending on your skillset. We know college can be quite demanding that you might even need help with your coursework or essays, making it impossible to take on jobs with rigid schedules. There are, however, jobs you can do at your convenience that pays well. Below are some examples. 

Essay Writing

As a student, writing essays for other students is a great way to make some money. If you are good at descriptions or putting thoughts to words, you can use essay examples to inspire you to deliver great essays or coursework, help other students, and get paid for it. You can put your knowledge in your course of study or any topic you are familiar with to use and make extra cash by writing on those topics. You can get essay writing gigs through freelance platforms or individual referrals; all you have to do is demonstrate to the client that you can deliver what they want.

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As an essay writer, you must have an excellent grasp of English or the language you want to major in to get a consistent flow of jobs. You also need to write well, at least, at a generally acceptable level. If you do not have a good command of English or your writing prowess is below par, you need to learn quickly and enhance these abilities.

You need to have a foundational understanding of the subject you are to write an essay on and the acceptable style guide. Some schools use the MLA format, while others use the APA format. Good knowledge of these formats would prove beneficial. It will be a disaster to write an essay on what you know nothing about, and nobody likes to pay for a badly written essay.


Tutoring is another great opportunity to make money while in college. It allows you to teach the subjects you are good at and get paid for it as a student. The best part of being a student tutor is getting tutoring jobs while you complete your college degree, although you won’t be able to charge a premium.

You can get clients online through social media or friends and fellow students. You can set up an online profile where you could attach a recent photograph of yourself with a little information about who you are, including why you are the best option and your rates.

The amount of money you can make as a tutor depends on any qualifications you had prior to entry into college, your area of specialty, and if you have any teaching experience. You can, as a student earn between $11 and $20 an hour teaching the most typical academic subjects; you could earn more if you are tutoring for college entry exams

Online Student Jobs 

You can do other jobs as a student online, aside from tutoring and writing essays, that can give you good earnings. All you need is a laptop, a safe and stable internet connection, and an email account to do these jobs while you live at college.


YouTube is one of the best platforms to make some money. You get paid for creating a trendy stream of the most popular content. There are several niches you can pattern your channel after. You can create educational content or sports and entertainment content, just to name a few. You only need to be well-versed in the subject matter you want to produce the video.

Virtual Assistant

This is also a viable alternative to make money as a student. You perform various remote tasks as required, such as making and receiving phone calls, generating spreadsheets, tables, and charts, drafting or revising reports or other documents, and emailing.

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You can also transcribe and get paid for it. As a transcriptionist, you are expected to listen to recordings and write down what you hear accurately. This job requires you to be accurate and detailed. You will also need to be able to type quickly in this profession, as you can only earn as fast as you can type while paying attention to details.


As a student, your ability to communicate in a second language may be quite useful in making additional money, even if you’re not fluent in that language. You can assist in translating a wide range of materials, including essays, dissertations, academic transcripts, audio recordings, and so on.


As a college student, there are numerous opportunities for you to earn extra sums while studying. The common error is to assume these jobs require you to be present in person. This is not true. There are many student jobs out there that allow you to make a good income each month while working remotely. You can try out any of the options listed, and you’ll be glad you did.

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