College of Liberal Arts Partners ’20-21 Highlights

Thank you to Benita Blessing, Gilad Elbom, Liddy Detar, and Katie Hubler for their contributions to the 2020-’21 Peer Teaching Resources and Support Program! They were not officially PSs, but they partnered with our program. CLA lead out in supporting remote teaching and learning and preceded the program. Their team this term consisted of Benita Blessing, Gilad Elbom, and Liddy Detar, and Katie Hubler. In this video, Katie Hubler highlights some of their work, including the CLA-Honors College May 2020 Remote Teaching Symposium and their Spring 2021 Remote Teaching Friday Forums. She discusses future hope looking beyond 2020-21.

Benita, Gilad, Liddy, and Katie your contributions are appreciated!

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