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Peer Teaching Resources & Support Program Summary

The mission of the Peer Teaching Resources & Support (PTRS) program is to enhance teaching excellence at OSU by providing college-specific pedagogical professional development, resources, and support to instructional faculty. The PTRS program is housed in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and builds on the offerings of the CTL, Academic Technology (AT), and Ecampus. Working within a College-Specific Peer Supporter model, it is here to support OSU instructional faculty in their teaching roles. It was initiated Fall 2020 and is ready to serve OSU instructional faculty today, especially in remote and blended teaching! Read on to discover how.

College Peer Supporters

The PTRS program encompasses a cadre of Peer Supporters (PSs) within colleges. Each PS is oriented to multi-modal and flexible course design, pedagogy resources, and provided guidance from our CTL-based Program Coordinator, Cheridy Aduviri. PSs collaborate with our partners (AT, CTL, and Ecampus) and provide support for colleagues in their college. Our aim is to harness the resources and expertise of our partners as we promote excellence in teaching and learning together in college-specific ways. Through our collaborations, we aim to elevate high-impact, research-based pedagogy surrounding areas such as course design, instructional methods, and assessment; and to enhance student learning through pedagogically sound integration of OSU’s technology tools. We hope to open up conversations between our partners and colleges and create an environment embracing the scholarship of teaching and learning.

At the heart of it, we hope to promote the joy of teaching and learning!

Program Goals

The PTRS program aims to meet the following:

Goal 1: Provide professional development and offer ongoing support and guidance for OSU college PSs, who in turn provide college-specific teaching resources and supports for their colleagues.

Goal 2: Facilitate communication and the sharing of resources between the CTL, AT, Ecampus, and each college.

Goal 3: Aid OSU instructional faculty in adapting to new and flexible modes of teaching and promoting student engagement. 

Join us in the journey!

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