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Let’s be honest, you’re probably procrastinating right now. And while I could give you pointers on how to combat those urges to snap (god, those face filters are addictive) I won’t. I believe in procrastinating better. By this I mean maximizing your potential while procrastinating- aka multitasking. If you’re going to put something off (ahem that 8 page paper) then you might as well get other things done in the process. While I can’t identify the areas where you specifically procrastinate and tell you how fix it, I can provide you with examples of how I procrastinate better and hopefully give you ideas on how to do the same.

For me, physically getting out of bed in the morning is leaving a soft nest of coziness and warmth and entering a cold cave of responsibility. I LOATHE it. So yeah, obviously have found a way to stay nestled in my cocoon of blankets with a (somewhat) legitimate adult excuse: Skimming the news. This is a daily newsletter that lets you know what major events are happening in an often hilarious and sassy way. Because of the Skimm I get to avoid life for a few more minutes while also becoming an informed citizen. Win-win.

I’ve honestly tried to break up with Netflix; telling myself that I’m going to cancel my subscription or only use it during the weekends but somehow I always end up in that virtual realm of amusement. So I decided to create an open relationship with the Flix and it went something like this:

Oh Netflix,
How I love you so: your large selection; your endless hours
of entertainment; your riveting original programs. But oh, how you so quickly zap my productivity.

That is why, Netflix, I must also sweep,
Windex, and fold laundry while I marathon Scandal, Narcos, and Weeds.
I am sorry to break it to you this way, but I mustn’t focus my
attention solely on you anymore.
Love, your devoted

See, not so bad! I still get some TV time and my apartment stays tidy.

Music makes everything in my life better. If I can find some crispy synth-pop overlaid with a female vocalist, my week is made. However, searching for new music takes time and effort, both of which I should be focusing on school or extracurricular activities. So, I have managed to compromise with myself. When I write to-do lists I use indieshuffle (a music blog) to search for new music. At the end, I’ve usually got the beginnings of a new playlist and an idea of what I need to prioritize in the upcoming days.

Overall, I think it’s worth examining what areas of procrastination in your life could partner with multi-tasking. You never know, you might actually wind up being productive.

Some additional tips:

For the nerdy: get some studyspo (like fitspo but without the unbelievably good-looking abs) in your social media. Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram are prime places for this.

For the sporty: review your notes while you run/cycle/elliptical or whatever. (Just don’t call this studying; it’s a review method at best.)

For the truly serious: Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator

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