benny pumpkin by Hannah Whitley

Halloween is just around the corner for Oregon State students, which means that it’s just about time for pumpkin carving, picking out the perfect costume, and planning the perfect trick-or-treat route. One thing to keep in mind while prepping for the perfect Halloween night is that while the OSU campus and city of Corvallis as a whole are considered friendly communities, remember that any city is vulnerable to crime – especially on nights where ghouls and tricksters are in such abundance! To help keep my fellow Beavers safe this Hallow’s Eve, I’ve compiled a few tips you can keep in your candy bag just in case:

1. Travel with a friend – or even better – in a group! The more the merrier, right?

2. Avoid dark, vacant, or deserted areas. You want people to see your costume, right? Stay on well-lit and well-traveled routes to keep your and your friends safe!

3. Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable about a fellow Halloweener or a sticky situation, remove yourself immediately. To report any potential crimes or emergencies, refer to the following numbers: Campus Non-Emergency: 541-737-3010; Campus Emergency: 541-737-7000; Corvallis Police: 911. For a full list of emergency phone numbers, visit

4. Take advantage of the SafeRide Shuttle Service. SafeRide operates from 6 pm to 2:30 am seven days a week – including Halloween! To request a ride, download the SafeRide OSU app from your Google Play, Android, or iTunes Store to be picked up. Don’t have a smartphone? Have no fear! SafeRide dispatchers are on standby to help you request a ride and can be reached at (541) 737-5000. For a full list of SafeRide regulations, visit

5. Remember that Oregon State operates a zero tolerance policy for use of alcohol or intoxicating substances by minors on campus. Under OSU policy, minors using alcohol or illegal substances on campus may be subject to arrest, citation and or student judicial proceedings. Driving under the influence and the sale or distribution of alcohol to minors is also a criminal offense and persons involved in these activities are subject to arrest.
Make good choices, Beaver Nation! I believe in you.

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