By Casey Colvin

I grew up in Bend with animals of all types, as small as a rabbit and as big as a horse. I have loved owning animals all my life and wasn’t sure how not having one at college would affect me, but I soon found out.

When I was a freshman, pets were not allowed at the townhouse I lived in, so I was out of luck, but looking back I know I would not have had the time or money to take care of a pet and myself. However, during sophomore year, I started to miss having the presence of a furry friend. As a result, I got a hedgehog. Yes, a hedgehog, so not furry at all. But, a pet nonetheless! She has been a joy to own and very low maintenance, which goes well with my busy school schedule. Then, during the summer before my senior year, I rescued a kitten. So, now I have a hedgehog and a cat, and they actually play together! I can’t explain how happy I am to come home to my pets, Koda and Nala (If you can’t tell, I like Disney movies).

As a moral of my story, if pets make your heart happy, find one (or two) that fits your student lifestyle. Owning a pet can be compared to having kids, so ensure you have the funds and the time to take care of them and yourself! Some animals, such as dogs, can be very time-consuming so take that into consideration if you are thinking of buying a pet. Because of my pets, I laugh everyday and have a dependable cuddle buddy every night – the cat, not the hedgehog, just to be clear. The hedgehog can be cuddly at times though. Owning a pet during college is not for everyone, and before you decide if it is right for you, remember that pets need time, love, food, water, and can live for many years!

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