By Katy Krieger

As we head into spring term we all have to start deciding what to do for summer. There are so many opportunities out there it’s hard to even know where to begin! I’m here to talk about a few that are beneficial in the long run along with being FUN!

  1. Study abroad- Many of us want to study abroad but with other things going on it’s hard to find the perfect term to go. Summer is a great time to study abroad and let’s be honest, summer in a foreign country sounds like a blast! Many countries are also in the summer months so you are sure to find warm weather and happy people. Talk to an advisor or go to a First Steps meeting at noon or at four on the first floor of Heckart Lodge.
  2. Camp Adventure- CLA ambassador Morgan has already spent one summer in this program in Italy and now has the opportunity to go to Germany this next summer to do it again. This is a good way to work with children, see the sights, and gain new friends from the States and internationally. Interviews and applications happen early so begin planning for future summers!
  3. Summer courses- These are a way to knock out requirements or get in on courses that usually fill up the first day each term. The class size is smaller, the programs are usually shorter, and you can choose how many credits to take. There is always the chance to study in the sun as well so don’t think class in the summer is all too horrible. Registration for summer classes is first come first served basis and begins on April 14th.
  4. Working- It doesn’t sound all that thrilling, but let’s be real, we all need the money. Find a fun summer job that pays well and start earning (and saving)! Working in the service industry can be a great networking tool and you may pick up some useful skills. Look into being a bartender, barista, summer camp counselor, babysitter, golf course attendant, farm hand, gym attendant, library worker, or grocery store clerk. If you’re staying in Corvallis, finding work during the summer can be tough, so start looking early before all the good jobs are taken!
  5. Volunteering- Look into a potential career field by volunteering. Many medical places and offices love to have interested students and it looks great on an application! Start asking during spring break or send out emails early to get the good positions.
  6. Road trip- Gather up a few friends and see the neighboring states.  A lot of your friends are probably from other states and would love to host you for a night or two so take the time to go see them and visit cheesy state landmarks.
  7. Concerts, plays, sporting events- Go out and see entertainment at its finest. There are always cheap seats that need to be filled and you never know what great things you will see or get into if you put yourself out there. Attend something exciting each week and don’t forget things like farmers markets, festivals, and local bands that are playing.

No matter what you choose I hope that you all start thinking about your summer adventures because the best times are always a little bit planned. Don’t forget that even if you do take courses or work, make time for friends, fun, and family because not everything is serious! Also, include others in your plans because everything is better when you can share the memories with those around you!

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