By Morgan Willer

It’s that time of a year again when all the Oregon State dads and families come to visit their kids in Corvallis. That’s right, it’s Dad’s Weekend! Our wonderful MUPC event coordinators have planned some great things for you all to do with your dads, and of course there is the football game that everyone will be attending. For an official list of all of the Dad’s weekend activities, click here.  But just in case you have a few hours to spare I have some other ideas for you:

Go Out for A Delicious Meal:

According to an expert on the TODAY show, Oregon State University and the town of Corvallis is a great place for foodies. Pretty much anywhere you eat you can’t go wrong. My dad loves breakfast at the Broken Yolk Café located in downtown Corvallis and the burgers from Downward Dog and Block 15. There are the classics like American Dream for some amazing pizza and Local Boyz for some tasty Hawaiian. Anywhere you go you’ll get some great food!

Check out the Farmers Market:

Corvallis prides itself on being a sustainable community, so why not show your dad the farmer’s market and our beautiful downtown at the same time? This market shows off the best of Corvallis and it’s a nice walk. Bring your dad on down to 1st and Jackson for some people watching and a great time on Saturday morning!

Go to the first Basketball Game:

So your dad is into sports? The Beaver Basketball team will be playing Lewis & Clark right here in Corvallis at 7:30 pm on Sunday, November 4th! Go ahead and take the nice walk through campus to Gill Coliseum and show your dad how spirited OSU can be! You can find tickets on our Beaver Athletics’ page.

Do a Brew Tour (21 and older):

I know my dad enjoys a good beer and I’m sure yours does too! If you’re 21 or older go ahead and take your dad down to Flat Tail Brewing. You can enjoy the Beaver memorabilia, taste some beer, and watch the game!

And finally….

Do a Day in the Life Tour:

What is this you ask? Well it’s when you give your dad a tour of what you do just about every day. Walk him around campus, show him your favorite hang outs, and show him where you have classes! My dad is always curious about what I do and I am sure yours will be too, even if this isn’t is first time down here at OSU. They love seeing our gorgeous campus and learning more about what makes you tick as their kid!

I hope these suggestions are helpful to do when you’re planning out your weekend. I hope you all have a great time with your dad, I know I will!


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