By Katy Krieger

So it’s week 5 and you’re all probably tired, sick, or both. The midterms are piling up and you haven’t started on those research papers due Friday. Your mom is calling, you’re working extra hours, and your roommate won’t clean up. Stressed out, right?! Well here are some tips on how to get through life without crying every 5 seconds.

1.        Spotify/Pandora: I know the ads can get old, but music is a great way to unwind. Make a playlist or simply find a station and away you go. Warning- Avoid anything that is super energetic, loud, or whose lyrics are being screamed by a cat.
2.        MindSpa: They have massage chairs, meditation programs, and counselors. The works! Need I say more? Oh wait! Yes I do, it’s free (well actually your student fees pay for most of the service)!
3.        Work out: Hitting Dixon Rec, McAlexander Field House, or Legacy Park is an easy way to let off steam. Go with a group of people, take your best friend, or go alone. Again, the best part is that it’s free!
4.        Blog: It’s easy to write about your life, some people will read it (probably just your significant other and your parents), and you can let loose.
5.        Yoga: Find yoga classes at Dixon, at other gyms/studios, or buy one of those amazing 80’s yoga videos where everyone is in various colors of spandex.
6.        Go see a movie: There are some great ones out there and certainly a little Kristen Wiig in your life can’t hurt.
7.        Clean out your DVR list: Watch those movies you recorded! Start the new season of Mad Men you’ve been dying to see! Even if you have to do it one episode at a time it’s still better than reading your Stats notes.
8.        Dance: DDR your stress away. Or hit up the Peacock and get down! Host a dance party in your living room for all I care, just dance!
9.        Spontaneous Road Trip: Grab a friend and get in your beat up car (please check it for safety purposes) and travel. It doesn’t have to be far, go to Portland and eat your weight in Voodoo doughnuts. If you are truly the spontaneous type, please make sure to take a map, gps, iphone, or sundial so you don’t end up in the backwoods of Idaho staring at a bear.
10.        Talk it Out: Call your poor mother and talk about life. Or Skype your friend cross-country on a Saturday afternoon. Write a letter to your Nana about college life. Sometimes we ignore the people around us when we get stressed.
11.        Pinterest: Yes, that’s right; I am condoning your addiction to this magical website of craftiness. Spend hours on it finding delicious recipes and adorable crafts. Warning: actually make the food or do the crafts, don’t just pin it and be proud of yourself.
12.        Organize: Clean out your car, clean your apartment, organize your study materials. It all adds up and you will feel productive. Plus your roommate won’t call HAZMAT to drag away your stuff!

13.          Game Night: Host a game night at your place and Apples-to-Apples your stress away!

14.          Plan: Make a battle plan for the next couple of weeks. Write down due dates, events, and anything else major in your life.

15.          Spend some time in nature: turn off Facebook and go outside (weather permitting). Go on a hike or go to Avery Park and stretch your legs.

I know sometimes it seems like it’s impossible to make time for these de-stressing activities, but it’s important to try! Doing so will enable you to be even more energized, present and committed to all of the other important things you do in your life. Good luck with your midterms and remember, woo-sah, serenity now, ohm or whatever helps you relax your way through stress!

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