By Kerry Thomas, Academic Advisor

Hey First year students,

Can you believe it? You made it all the way to spring term of your first year in college! By now, you probably know which dining hall is the best (and worst), where to go when you really need to get some studying done, and where the best coffee in town is.  Your first year of college is full of discovery, change, and transition. Many of you changed roommates or dorms, eating and exercise habits, sleep habits, and developed a new group of friends here in Corvallis.

In the name of celebrating this year of transition, our College and Major advising offices would like to invite you all to a matriculation ceremony to learn more about your current or prospective major. You probably already received an E-vite for your current major ceremony, but you might not be sure what to expect.

Basically this is an opportunity for you to meet your major advisor and other first year students who have the same major. There will also be faculty and upper class students from your major who will talk about classes, involvement, research opportunities, and other cool aspects of the department. When you get ready to sign up for fall term classes, you will need to get a new registration pin from your major advisor; attending this ceremony is also a great opportunity to meet them prior to the start of registration in mid-May. If all that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s also going to be pizza, so make sure to check it out!

If you know that the major you have declared is not the one you want to keep, feel free to check out another matriculation ceremony to get a sense for what other majors in the college are like. It is very common for students to change majors at least once during their time in college.  These ceremonies provide a unique opportunity for you to “meet your major” before making the decision to declare that major.

See the table below for a complete list of all of the ceremonies across the College of Liberal Arts.

Department Date Location
Psychology1 Tuesday, April 10th 6-7 pm Moreland 206
Psychology2 Wednesday, April 11th 6-7 pm Moreland 206
English Wednesday, April 11th, 4:00 pm Moreland 330
Political Science Thursday, April 12th, 4:00 pm Gilkey 305
Economics Friday, April 13th, 4:00 pm Ballard 310
Foreign Languages Tuesday, April 17, 4:00 pm Kidder 210
Sociology Thursday, April 19th, 4:00 pm Stag 310
Anthropology and Women Studies* Thursday, April 19th, 5:00 pm Stag 310
Speech Communication Thursday, April 19th, 5:30 pm Shepard 101
History Monday, April 23rd, 4:00 Milam 301
Philosophy Monday, April 23rd, 4:00 pm Milam 301
NMC Wednesday, April 25th, 5:00 pm Stag 402

* Students interested in Ethnic Studies should attend this ceremony.

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