By Leah Anderson,

Spring term at OSU is both the best of times and the worst of times. The sun is finally out (usually) and Corvallis comes out of hibernation. Suddenly there is so much to do. Frisbees need throwing, hikes need to be taken, not to mention the wide array of slip-n-slides and lawn volleyball games that are suddenly popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, you are also still a student…taking classes that still need your attention. Like I said, the best and worst of times.

Personally, I take a kind of divide and conquer approach to surviving this mixed bag of a term. Each day I separate my homework into two categories: that which I can do while soaking up the sun, and that which I have to do inside. The trick is to be honest. Are you really capable of reading that incredibly long textbook while basking in the warm sunlight, or are you just asking for a nap?

Secondly, I make constant use of my planner. Spring term is typically packed with barbecues with friends, crazy activities in the quad (snowboarding anyone?), and community-sponsored events downtown –you are going to find your precious free time packed with fun things to do. Make sure you are setting aside time to study for your upcoming midterms and quizzes. Nothing’s worse than the anxiety of school keeping you from having a good time with your friends.  Visit the Academic Success Center in Waldo 102 to attend a workshop on test taking or talk with an academic coach about managing your time so that you are making the most efficient use of your study time.

Beware of procrastination. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed or lacking motivation to press on with your studies (aka spring fever), consider making an appointment with your academic advisor. These people are full of helpful suggestions and resources that can help you get back on track. I’ve also found that putting together informal study groups with my peers helped to keep me accountable for the schoolwork I am so tempted to avoid. Good luck!


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