Project Ideas Coming Together

This week marked the first video meeting between the whole group as well as the first meeting with the project sponsor, our instructor. We were able to introduce ourselves and I was right that the whole group seems to get along together really well. We talked about what we wanted from the project and threw together ideas until we had something of a rough outline.

We came up with the idea of a somewhat double sided tower defense with a top down approach. Normally only the player has towers and something to defend, however in our game we wanted the enemy side to also have a base and be able to place towers to defend it. This will end up something similar to a tower-defense capture-the-flag game. This rough outline will be the basis for our future design. We have started talking about the art style for the game and what we want to go with. Creating our own art assets would be difficult for the majority of the game and so our best approach will be to find an art style we like and making our own assets to supplement it.

The project is slowly coming together and we have a solid idea of what the game will be.

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