Dying of Midterms

Nothing much has happened this week in terms of the Capstone project besides more blender experimentation, so I figured I would make this the first blog post about my other classes. I am also taking CS372 Intro to Networks this term, and I am having some real trouble with it. This week the second assignment Traceroute was due and I unfortunately was just unable to figure it out. It really feels bad when you have to just give up on a project because you cant figure it out and run out of time. You never really get any solution either because the teacher isn’t going to just post the working code or spend the time to tell you the issues with yours. Outside of that assignment, I have another assignment, a quiz, and the midterm all for Networking as well due this week…… its not a terribly fun class at the moment. Anyway, working on things for the Capstone class is a welcome reprieve from that. Hope things get a little more relaxed after the midterms!

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