Building & Learning

This week began our serious progress toward actually getting our ideas for the project down on paper. If we are to build a game in Unreal Engine, then we need to be proficient in its use. I believe I have learned more about Unreal Engine 4 this week than I ever did in previous classes. I have found a guide series that takes the user through basic operations such as downloading the engine, all the way to creating landscapes and incorporating 4k assets. It is most definitely one of the best tutorials I have ever seen. I have learned some new techniques that will allow me to add significantly more detail to our map design and implementation. Speaking of which, I have started the official first map for our Tower Defense / Shooter game this week. Using what I have learned, I have incorporated more of the advanced engine tools in order to create a smoother, more natural looking landscape. Considering the rest of the game requires the map to function, this is a huge step toward our goal of creating a unique and enjoyable experience. 🙂

Incase anyone who reads this would be interested, here is a link to the aforementioned tutorial:

CS462 – Term Start!

With a beginning of the new year 12022, and the start of a new term, we finally get to start work on the main body of our Capstone project. As a recap, my group’s project is to design and create a 3D Top-Down Shooter / Tower-Defense Game in Unreal Engine 4. Last term, we went through the documentation and planning phase and decided what we wanted to include in our game, along with some basic prototypes. This term however, we finally get to begin work on the main game and see what we are able to create. As with any game project, our final product will likely look at least slightly different than whatever we plan, but we are doing our best to document any changes we make along the way. For this week, we are getting back in contact after the break and deciding on the last few important features of our game. For instance, what type of map design we would like to go for, whether that is open, hexagonal, or squared. This will influence how other aspects of the game are designed such as tower placement and enemy AI targeting. I am looking forward to working with my amazing team once again. This term should be fun!