Project Ideas Coming Together

This week marked the first video meeting between the whole group as well as the first meeting with the project sponsor, our instructor. We were able to introduce ourselves and I was right that the whole group seems to get along together really well. We talked about what we wanted from the project and threw together ideas until we had something of a rough outline.

We came up with the idea of a somewhat double sided tower defense with a top down approach. Normally only the player has towers and something to defend, however in our game we wanted the enemy side to also have a base and be able to place towers to defend it. This will end up something similar to a tower-defense capture-the-flag game. This rough outline will be the basis for our future design. We have started talking about the art style for the game and what we want to go with. Creating our own art assets would be difficult for the majority of the game and so our best approach will be to find an art style we like and making our own assets to supplement it.

The project is slowly coming together and we have a solid idea of what the game will be.

First Days of the Project

The instructors were able to assign us to groups this week and so I got to meet the people I will be working with along with the project we will be doing. I am excited, as I was able to get the number one project I had listed, which was “Build a Top-Down Shooter/Tower Defense in Unreal Engine 4”. This project sounded really interesting to me as I have experience in UE4 but I have never gotten to actually make a game. I am excited to get a small idea of what game dev is actually like and what it entails.

My teammates so far are very friendly and everyone seems to get along quite well. Ian Gaither is one of my teammates and he has been doing a great job leading the project and communicating with the professor on our behalf. Then we have Brian who also seems very nice and motivated to work on the project. And finally there is Satoru, who actually has some experience in AI, which will be very useful for the type of game we plan to make.

This week we will be going over ideas for the project and deciding what type and style of game we wish to make. Our inspiration is “Orcs Must Die” however we want to make sure to differentiate from that and incorporate more Tower Defense style in order to make something unique. Overall, I am very excited to work on this and I think the following year is gonna be really helpful in gaining experience. 🙂

Capstone Start! – First Blog Post

Hello World! This is the first post of my blog for the OSU Capstone project! My name is Colin Kasowski, an online Game and Simulation CS student here at Oregon State University, These first posts will chronicle my experience going through the capstone project and documenting my likely panic about it. Outside of school, I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo and I train and teach classes at my local Taekwondo dojang. (Or at least I did, before Covid). I hope that I can track the world getting back to normal through the course of this blog and that by the end, I can reflect back with a smile on the things I have been through. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. 🙂