First Days of the Project

The instructors were able to assign us to groups this week and so I got to meet the people I will be working with along with the project we will be doing. I am excited, as I was able to get the number one project I had listed, which was “Build a Top-Down Shooter/Tower Defense in Unreal Engine 4”. This project sounded really interesting to me as I have experience in UE4 but I have never gotten to actually make a game. I am excited to get a small idea of what game dev is actually like and what it entails.

My teammates so far are very friendly and everyone seems to get along quite well. Ian Gaither is one of my teammates and he has been doing a great job leading the project and communicating with the professor on our behalf. Then we have Brian who also seems very nice and motivated to work on the project. And finally there is Satoru, who actually has some experience in AI, which will be very useful for the type of game we plan to make.

This week we will be going over ideas for the project and deciding what type and style of game we wish to make. Our inspiration is “Orcs Must Die” however we want to make sure to differentiate from that and incorporate more Tower Defense style in order to make something unique. Overall, I am very excited to work on this and I think the following year is gonna be really helpful in gaining experience. 🙂

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