Blog Post #4!

That is a rather boring title to the post and that’s because nothing much of note happened during the past week in relation to the project. The team collectively completed a very long and slightly boring document detailing our plans and how we will accomplish them. Many of the questions were not intended for a game design project, so we had so sort of make some of it up. Otherwise, we are currently in the middle of deciding the overall theme for the game, whether it be Medieval, Sci-fi, Western, etc. We hope to have this narrowed down by next Monday. This will be exciting because once we have chosen a theme, I can start to experiment with blender and see what I can do in terms of creating our own assets for the game. This will be a huge deciding factor in how our development goes and whether we can implement some of the things we want to. That is pretty much all I have to say for this post, and I still am so excited to be working on this project! Looking forward to coming Halloween in a week or so as well! 🙂

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