Why Hydroville?

A Hydroville User Survey was sent out to those people who registered on the previous Hydroville web site or participated in the piloting process and Summer Institutes.

The 23 teachers who responded shared two main reason for choosing Hydroville:

In 2006, teachers joined us at OSU for a training on the Indoor Air Quality scenario. "Summer Institutes" took place from 2001-2007. Teachers' feedback was very valuable in developing the curriculum.
In 2006, teachers joined us at OSU for a training on the Indoor Air Quality scenario. “Summer Institutes” took place from 2001-2007. Teachers’ feedback was very valuable in developing the curriculum.
  1.  To increase awareness of environmental health issues
  2.  To give students problem-solving experience on real-life issues

60% felt it improved their teaching skills
91% felt that Hydroville made a difference to their students

Based on their assessment, 91% of students are gaining knowledge on environmental health topics and issues.

The teachers were likely to use Hydroville pieces again and would recommend it to friends.
The challenge with Hydroville is that it is difficult to use as a complete unit due to time limitations in schools and some felt it was cumbersome.
Alternative and private schools find it more beneficial.

Share Advice and Ways to Adapt The Curriculum with Others

Some teachers specifically recommended we have an area for comments, questions, and dialogue on the web site.
Since this new site is a blog, we hope you will  comment and share information that is beneficial to other teachers.
Other recommendations were videos that assist teachers with the activities. We will do our best to share short tutorial videos, images, and adaptions that are helpful.

We want your help!  Teachers, students, and educational professionals are invited to submit blog posts for the site. Example topics that would be useful are connecting Hydroville to the new standards, adapting activities, what worked and where there were challenges, and testimonials and impact stories. Contact Naomi Hirsch at 541-737-8105

Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us so you stay informed as we continue to grow this new blog with useful information.

“Hydroville offered many ways to build group dynamics in the classroom through the collaborative approach.  It fostered my release of control of the classroom and put the ownership in the hands of the students, which I believe is very important.”


“I learned content and teaching/presentation variety.  After I stopped using Hydroville, (and read more about how problems like these get solved) I realized how true it was to real life.  I appreciated the supported, changing variety of activities (creativity I lack) – gallery walks, team labs, data analysis, games, video production.  Stretched me.”


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