These resources directly relate to the Pesticide Spill Curriculum.

Background Activities

BA 1: Reading Household Product Labels

BA 2: Toxicology Testing – Dose Makes the Poison

BA 3: Pump It Up!: Part I – Analyzing Pumps

BA 4: Pump It Up!: Part II – Designing a Supersoaker

BA 5: Constructing and Analyzing Graphs – Circumference and Diameter

BA 6: Using Paper Chromatography


 BA 7: Soil Classification

BA 8: Soil Permeability

BA 9: Decision Analysis

  •  none

BA 10: Siting Yoretown’s Landfill

Career Information

 Environmental Toxicologist

Mechanical Engineer

 Analytical Chemist

Soil Scientist

Expert Groups

Environmental Toxicologists

General Pesticide Information

Metam Sodium and MITC Information

Soil Scientists

See resources for Background Activities 7 and 8

Mechanical Engineers

See resources for Background Activities 3 and 4

Analytical Chemists

See resources for Background Activities 5 and 6

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