These resources directly relate to the activities in the Indoor Air Quality curriculum.

BA 1: Welcome to Hydroville

BA 2: Building a Model of Hydroville Middle School

BA 3: Building Walkthrough

ES Team Meeting #1

BA 4: Are You Comfortable?

BA 5: What is an HVAC System?

ES Team Meeting #2

BA 6: Name That IAQ Hazard

BA 7: Complain – Why Don’t You!

ES Team Meeting #3

BA 8: In Search of Chemical and Physical Hazards

Extension Activities:

Language Arts:

Have students search for product MSDS by accessing one of the online databases listed below or by accessing the manufacturer’s webpage. All manufacturers are required to provide a product’s MSDS on request if not available on the Internet. NOTE: Almost all product information can be found in the “Household Products Database”, but the document is not an actual product MSDS.

BA 9: Does Your Classroom Need Cleaning?

EST Meeting #4

Hydroville Middle School Virtual Tour

BA 10: What is Mold and Where Does Mold Grow?

EST Meeting #5

BA 11: IAQ and Risk

ES Team Meeting #6

  • none

BA 12: Risk Management

  • none

Career Information for Expert Groups

Occupational Physician

Building Engineer

Industrial Hygienist


Additional Indoor Air Quality Resources

Oregon Resources

National Resources

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