Evaluation Results Summary

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Evaluation Plan – Philosophy Overview (pdf)

Qualitative Summary – Synthesis of Teachers’ Interviews (pdf)

Quantitative evaluation measures showed that students who participate in the Hydroville Curricula:

  • Understand the process of scientific inquiry
  • Solve problems more like scientists, using data to make decisions
  • Demonstrate higher-order thinking and critical problem-solving skills
  • Believe they can take personal action to solve environmental problems


Helping Teachers Achieve New Heights

Teacher Lisa Troy shares instructions for the team building activity (toxic popcorn).
Photo credit: The Sage School

Teacher Lisa Troy had great success using the Pesticide Spill scenario with her 8th grade students. Read post.


Two teachers using the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Curriculum received national recognition by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2005 for their outstanding teaching and mentoring achievements.

  • Kaye Martin and her collegues integrated the IAQ Curriculum at the Springfield Young Parent Program. At the completion of the curriculum, the students presented their findings to the actual School Board of Springfield Public Schools.
  • Debbie Cooper of the Beaverton School District applied the IAQ Curriculum to research projects with her students in the Science Research Club. They examined the relationship between student performance and classroom temperature and presented this at regional and state project competitions.

How Hydroville Make a Difference To Students – Testimonials

“We saw our students do wonderful things as we implemented the program. We have never seen our kids work so well together and put so much into their schooling. I think it just opened a new way of teaching for us teachers… how good we could be when we all worked together on a project like this. I will admit that we were hesitant to begin the water quality scenario, but after seeing the results, we are jumping at the chance to teach another one.”

Stephanie DeBruyn, Social Studies
Woodburn Success High School, Woodburn, OR

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