Connecting Scientists and Educators: Research in Environmental Health Sciences and Plant Sciences
August 25, 2014

8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Are you interested in bringing scientific research in environmental health sciences or plant sciences to your classroom?  Do you want to learn more about scientific research going on at OSU?

  • Meet scientists from different departments at OSU
  • Learn from teachers (grades 6-12) and scientists that have been part of successful research experiences
  • Participate in hands on activities that you can bring back to the classroom

Coffee/ refreshments and catered lunch will be provided.

Location:      OSU campus, Corvallis, Oregon

Oregon State is a beautiful campus to visit.
Oregon State is a beautiful campus to visit.

Register:       Contact Dr. Diana Rohlman
Indicate workshop title, your name, school, grade level, and summer contact information (e-mail address, phone number).  Pre-service teachers welcome.

Housing:       Limited funds are available to provide overnight accommodations for participants who live greater than 75 miles away.  We will arrange these accommodations in either dorms or local hotels.

Classroom Equipment Sets to support biotechnology, renewable energy, astronomy, and water quality testing (hope to add this summer) are available for classroom use during the school year for no charge.   See list of available equipment.

The workshop is organized by:  Dr. Rachel Okrent, OSU, Dr. Diana Rohlman, EHSC, Dr. Kari van Zee, OSU
Co-sponsored by EHSC and USDA-NIFA

Workshop Flyer

This summer OSU research faculty are offering free workshops for educators.   soil scientists

  • July 31-Aug. 1: Explorations in Nanotechnology for 6-12th Grade Educators.
  • Aug. 11-12: Climate Change and Ocean Acidification.
  • Aug. 14-15: Biological Motions through the Lens-An Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop.

Lunch provided. Limited funds available to support lodging costs for  participants more than 80 miles away.

To register or for more information, email Kari van Zee, Program  Coordinator STEPs, at; 541-737-1773.

So far this year, EHSC COEC has reached over 500 students through ten different OSU Precollege Program events.

Examples of Precollege Programs we have been involved with include:

The students range in age from 2nd – 12th grade and come from diverse areas of Oregon such as Eugene, Newport, Siletz, Salem, Ontario, and Corvallis.  Diana Rohlman, COEC Program Coordinator took the lead with help at some events from Erin Madeen and other graduate students affiliated with the Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC).  On the EHSC web page, there is a resource page for K-12 Educators, which includes curriculum, eNewsletter, workshops, and funding resources.

In addition, Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Lab hosted a 5th grade class on May 12th. See the story on the SRP blog: 5th Graders Experience All Aspects of Zebrafish Research. We also engage families at Davinci Days and Pet Days.