During the summer months local teachers from Salem, Albany and Corvallis attend day long workshops at Oregon State University. These activities center around concepts in toxicology and are led by Diana Rohlman, EHSC Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator.

Team TOX grad students get involved and present outreach modules in toxicology, immunology and environmental chemistry.

Examples of past activities include:

Students evaluate the toxicity of household chemicals using yeast as a model system.

Students sort M&Ms by mass, size, shape and color to understand how mass can be used to identify individual chemicals. A model of a mass spectrometer demonstrates how objects are sorted based on their mass.

Students role-play as doctors, using flow cytometry to diagnose a fictional patient.

Following hands-on activities, teachers have the opportunity to tour labs that are relevant to the activities.
More information on teacher professional development and visits to OSU:
For further information and questions about the educational materials listed above, please contact Diana Rohlman.
Students immersed in the Chemical Conundrum activity.
Students immersed in the Chemical Conundrum activity.