WQBinderWebThe town of Hydroville is experiencing some of the social, political, and environmental problems associated with rapid growth and development. The city council has a lot of issues on their agenda, one of which includes the annual water quality report from the city water department. The report shows that certain pollutants in the water supply have increased significantly.

Students take on the role of an environmental consulting team (Environmental Solutions, Inc.) made up of water quality experts brought in to investigate possible causes for the increase in contaminants in the water supply and develop remediation options that will protect the drinking water from further contamination. Students report their findings and remediation options to the Hydroville City Council.

The video introduces the problem to the students.

Recommended for 11/12th grade Environmental Science or Chemistry

Timetable for Using the Water Quality Curriculum

(based on 50-minute class periods)

Introduction – Welcome to Hydroville 3-5 class periods
Background Activities (10 separate activities) 17-20 class periods
Team Meetings 11-13 class periods
Solution Preparation and Presentation 5 class periods
TOTAL 36-43 class periods

*Time requirements are estimates






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