These resources support the activities found in the Water Quality Curriculum.

BA 1: Welcome to Hydroville

BA 2: Topographic Maps and Models

ES Team Meeting #1- Site Investigator

 BA 3: Source to Sink

BA 4: What’s in Your Drinking Water?

BA 5: Reading Water Quality Reports

ES Team Meeting #2 – Drinking Water Specialist

BA 6: Solution Concentrations

BA 7: Sampling and Monitoring

ES Team Meeting #3 – Environmental Chemist

 BA 8: Groundwater Basics

  • Groundwater Tutorial Video is now streamed on-line. View video.  It is a 20-minute video that covers aquifers, groundwater movement, contaminant plumes, and groundwater protection. The video was produced  in collaboration with W. Todd Jarvis at the Institute for Water & Watersheds at Oregon State University. To obtain a DVD, e-mail or call 541-737-8105.
  • What is an Aquifer?, US EPA Superfund for Students and Teachers, US EPA
  • Groundwater models available:

BA 9: How Contaminants Move in Groundwater

ES Team Meeting #4 – Hydrogeologist

  • See ToxFAQs for trichloroethlyene, vinyl chloride, and chromium
  • TCE Reduction Pathway, Department of Civil and Enviromental Engineering, University of Delaware

BA 10: Water Treatment Solutions for Homes

BA 11: Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Sites

ES Team Meeting #5 – Environmental Engineer

 Career Information

 Environmental Chemist

 Environmental Engineer

Drinking Water Specialist


Additional Water Quality Resources

Oregon Resources

National Resources

International Resources

Web Glossaries

Water Quality Issues in the News

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