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Free Coffee and Easy Conversation – A Recipe for Honors Success

The smell of coffee and the sound of engaging conversation are a comfort in any environment. Even better, though, is that same experience taking place right in the heart of the Honors College.

HC Associate Dean Tara Williams talks with a student about her career in the Honors College

Each term, the Oregon State University Honors College puts on one or more events known as Honors College Community Coffees – HC Community Coffees or HC3s for short. Students are invited to come up to the SLUG and enjoy free coffee and refreshments while mingling with other honors students and faculty. It’s something that Associate Dean Tara Williams has come to appreciate about the college.

“The HC Community Coffee helps to bring together students from different disciplines who may not otherwise interact”, she said. Free food and a casual atmosphere, Williams explained, help to create an environment where people of all backgrounds can chat and connect with each other outside of a classroom.


This tradition is actually a fairly recent development: “The credit for the idea goes to our Dean”, said Williams. “A lot of our events felt more formal, and she had the idea to create an event with more of a casual atmosphere where students could connect informally with faculty”.


HC Community Coffees are now a fixture in the Honors College and the favorite tradition of many students. Be sure to follow the Honors College on social media to learn when the next HC Community Coffee is happening!

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