Honors College Donors Set New Record with 162 Gifts on Dam Proud Day 2024 

Dam Proud Day 2024 marked a milestone for the Honors College as our community set a record for the number of gifts given to the HC on the university’s annual day of giving. Including challenges, one hundred sixty-two donors contributed to support HC student scholarships, an eighteen percent increase over last year. Overall, donors contributed […]

Exploring the Convergence of Medicine and Research. Honors College internship offers opportunity to bridge academics and application. 

Connecting research to real world problems is at the core of an Oregon State University Honors College education, and, through a partnership with the University of Michigan Medical School’s Clinical Outcomes Research and Reporting Programs (MCORRP), honors students have the opportunity to get firsthand experience in scholarly application during a transformative learning opportunity. Spearheaded by […]

Vitamin discovered in rivers may offer hope for salmon suffering from thiamine deficiency disease

This article was originally published by OSU Today. By Steve Lundeberg CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University researchers have discovered vitamin B1 produced by microbes in rivers, findings that may offer hope for vitamin-deficient salmon populations. Findings were published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The authors say the study in California’s Central Valley represents a novel […]

Honors College Impact Scholars Program Opens New Paths for Students

The Oregon State University Honors College  inspires students to find and develop their passions, realize their unique potential and grow intellectually, and the Honors Impact Scholars Program is designed to make sure that this transformative opportunity is in reach of all eligible students. Created and recently endowed by Honors College Champions Patrick, ’74, and Vicki […]

Committing to the Pivot: HC Alum Finds Success Along a Non-Linear Path

During their time at Oregon State University, honors students are taught that progress is not linear – and that is often a good thing. That’s why the Honors College fosters a culture that empowers students to explore their curiosities, both inside and outside their fields of study. Honors alum Justin Chi serves as an excellent […]

Healthy Food for All: Honors Program Alum Gives Back to the HC

“The instant ramen of the health food world” — that is what Oregon State University honors program alum Jan Matsuno set out to create when she left her traditional corporate job to build a company from scratch, right from her very own kitchen. Four years and one global pandemic later, her products have landed on […]