Anita Helle Builds a Legacy of Faculty Excellence and Innovation in Honors. 

Throughout her career at Oregon State, Emeritus English Professor Anita Helle prioritized supporting her fellow faculty members’ growth as scholars, teachers and innovators. Now, she has established an Honors College fund that will advance faculty excellence in the HC in perpetuity. The Anita Helle Endowed Faculty Support Fund for the Honors College will provide resources […]

Religious studies professor speaks on agnostic beliefs

This article was originally published by The Daily Barometer By Hannah Lull, News Contributor Imagine you’re an expert in a career, yet you’re not associated with it at all. You’re devoted to your line of work and passionate about its teachings, though you never incorporate it into your personal life. This is the case for […]

Unlocking the benefits of an online honors degree

Meet the new Honors College Ecampus Coordinator and learn more about how Oregon State’s online honors degree works This post was originally published on by Elena Moffett On the fourth floor of Oregon State University’s Learning and Innovation Center, stacks of welcome boxes are being assembled and will soon be sent to the doorsteps […]

Breaking Down Plastic in Plastics for Poets

Over the last half-century, plastics have become integral to everyday life. From car parts to food storage to the microplastics in clothes, plastics are everywhere – and, crucially, will remain everywhere, as they do not naturally break down. This is a modern dilemma that Dr. Skip Rochefort addressed head on in his honors colloquium Plastic […]

Playing with the Past in History of Commerce Through Board Games

When you walk by Dennis Adams’s classroom, it looks more like a group of friends hanging out, playing board games and getting a bit too competitive than a college class. It’s no surprise that the course, History of Commerce Through Board Games, has become one of the most popular Honors College colloquia. Adams, an instructor […]

Waving Hello to Colloquia Classes: A Field Trip to the Oregon Coast

Rising sea levels and declining marine populations have had alarm bells ringing in the science community for years, and today, news stories abound with warnings of marine heatwaves, ocean acidification and expanding low-oxygen zones. When it comes to examining the climate crisis deep below the surface, though, one Oregon State professor has decided to dive […]

Michelle Kutzler Named 2021 Margaret and Thomas Meehan Eminent Mentor

The Honors College is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Michelle Kutzler, an associate professor in the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences, as the 2021 Margaret and Thomas Meehan Honors College Eminent Mentor. Each year, one faculty member is selected for this recognition by a panel of distinguished honors faculty and mentors from […]