Black Holes Devour Light — Except When They Create it, Finds Physics Undergrad

This article was originally published by IMPACT Magazine. By Elana Roldan To picture a black hole is to picture violence: Stars are mangled, planets are ground to dust, and time itself is wrung out and slowed by these super-sized whirlpools of gravity. They are immense, indiscriminate and the ultimate destroyers of the universe. Then they merge. […]

Class of 2024 Graduate Feature — Gabriel Keali’i Jones 

Class of 2024 graduate Gabriel Keali’i Jones is determined to make a positive impact on marine conservation. Gabe graduated with two honors degrees in ecological engineering and chemical oceanography. These fields have given him a deeper understanding of the environmental issues affecting coastal communities. “Growing up Native Hawai’ian, I have always felt drawn to restoring […]

Four OSU Honors Students Offered a Scholarship for 2024-2025 Fulbright U.S. Student Program

The Fulbright Student Scholarship is an international academic exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government for students pursuing graduate study, conducting research or teaching English abroad. This year, four Honors College students from Oregon State have been offered Fulbright scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year: Emma Baughman of Portland, Mohnish Judge of Lake Oswego, Aubreyanna […]

Class of 2024 Graduate Feature — Grace Knutsen

Back when she was deciding where to attend college, class of 2024 graduate Grace Knutsen knew that she wanted to pursue an academically rigorous education while staying close to her roots. As an Oregonian, Grace chose Oregon State University and the Honors College, finding it an ideal place to explore her diverse academic interests and […]

Kaitlyn Kim named 2024 Hendricks Scholar 

The Honors College is pleased to announce that Kaitlyn Kim has been named the recipient of the 2024 Joe Hendricks Honors College Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Nyssa Engebo, Mohnish Judge, Anna Nielsen, Sophia Fischer, Colin Lindquist and Lindsay Beaman have been named runners-up for this prestigious annual award.  Established in honor of Joe Hendricks, the […]

HC Student Renata Hemstreet Creates Community in Honors Courses 

The Honors College believes that individual and collective achievement go hand in hand. So too does Renata Hemstreet, a second-year honors bioengineering student whose exemplary teamwork and initiative in group learning has garnered recognition from peers and professors alike.  Looking for a smaller community within OSU, “especially one focused on academic excellence,” Renata joined the […]

Exploring the Convergence of Medicine and Research. Honors College internship offers opportunity to bridge academics and application. 

Connecting research to real world problems is at the core of an Oregon State University Honors College education, and, through a partnership with the University of Michigan Medical School’s Clinical Outcomes Research and Reporting Programs (MCORRP), honors students have the opportunity to get firsthand experience in scholarly application during a transformative learning opportunity. Spearheaded by […]

Honors College Impact Scholars Program Opens New Paths for Students

The Oregon State University Honors College  inspires students to find and develop their passions, realize their unique potential and grow intellectually, and the Honors Impact Scholars Program is designed to make sure that this transformative opportunity is in reach of all eligible students. Created and recently endowed by Honors College Champions Patrick, ’74, and Vicki […]

Class of 2023 Graduate Feature – Josh Kesling

Class of 2023 graduate Josh Kesling’s undergraduate experience was shaped by a passion for the environment, specifically marine ecosystems. With an H.B.S. in Natural Resources and specializations in marine and freshwater conservation, he is excited to continue exploring these environments and working to ensure a sustainable future. Josh chose to attend Oregon State University because […]

Class of 2023 Graduate Feature – Jannah Moussaoui

Class of 2023 graduate Jannah Moussaoui came to Oregon State University and the Honors College set on conducting research, and through her work in three different labs on campus, she has done just that. Jannah, a psychology major who was also recently named a recipient of the College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior Award, transferred […]