Indonesia earthquake study could make Pacific Northwest more safe

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Findings by a team led by an Oregon State University geotechnical engineer are paving the way toward engineering techniques that could keep Pacific Northwest residents more safe during the eventual Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. Ben Mason of the OSU College of Engineering led a National Science Foundation-supported team that traveled to Indonesia […]

Honors College Names Bob Mason and Jim Liburdy 2019 Eminent Professors

The Oregon State University Honors College is pleased to recognize its 2019 Eminent Professors, Dr. Bob Mason from the Department of Integrative Biology and Dr. Jim Liburdy from the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Since 2002, Dr. Robert (Bob) Mason has served as chair of biology and since 2014 as associate head, acting […]

The Art of Planetary Motion

“Humans are just not that important,” says Dr. Randall Milstein, NASA Astronomer-in-Residence and instructor of HC 407: Comparative Planetology.     It’s a humbling statement, but one fitting when viewing Earth and humanity from a universal context. That’s exactly what students in the spring section of HC 407: Comparative Planetology will spend 2 hours per […]

Jaga Giebultowicz Named the 2018 Honors College Meehan Eminent Mentor

Following years of outstanding mentorship of honors students, Department of Integrative Biology Professor Jaga Giebultowicz was named the Margaret and Thomas Meehan Honors College Eminent Mentor for 2018. This award recognizes one honors faculty member each year for their mentorship of honors students, particularly through the thesis process. Students and recent alumni can nominate their […]

Lights from Underground

Students who enrolled in the Honors College colloquium “Publishing Underground” probably did not expect the title to be literal. But one winter day, underground they went, led by instructors Korey Jackson and Kelly McElroy, into the dark basement of Fairbanks Hall to use an old-fashioned letterpress. There, students learned to set type and to print […]

A Legacy of Changed Lives

At the end of fall term, 2018, two of the Honors College’s most engaged and beloved faculty partners retired following careers marked by distinction both in honors and across Oregon State University. College of Science faculty members Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal have been central figures within the college for over a decade. In that […]

Oregon State, Women, and the Honors College – Looking to the Past and Future

Though it may be a relatively new offering,“OSU, Women and Oral History: An Exploration of 150 Years” has already left its mark on Oregon State University. Introduced as an honors colloquium course last winter term, students enrolled in the class explore the theory and practice of oral history through the lens of women at Oregon […]

Environment Then and Now – The Work of Dr. Jacob Hamblin

Human activity has undeniably altered the physical and ecological landscape. Will those alterations, though, last long into the future? Dr. Jacob Hamblin guides students through an exploration of this and other topics in the honors colloquium course “Dawn of the Anthropocene”. In the course, students explore the ways in which humans have dramatically altered the […]

The “Magic” of Pursuing Administration and Scholarship

Faculty who take on administrative roles face challenges in balancing their work with continued engagement in research and teaching. But for HC Associate Dean Tara Williams, an expert in medieval studies in the School of Writing, Literature and Film, it was the challenge of teaching and introducing people to a topic unfamiliar to many that […]

Career-Building Opportunities for Honors College Students – Looking Ahead

Even as they prepare for their next class, midterm or final project, honors students have one eye on the future. To help them prepare for what’s next, the Honors College has developed a range of opportunities for students to explore career paths, build networks and develop professional skills while they are still undergraduates. Through the […]