Student Spotlight – Lillian Waddick

According to the American College Health Association, nearly three quarters of university students reported moderate or severe psychological distress at some point during their academic year. These are the exact kinds of people that Lillian Waddick, a third-year honors student majoring in psychology with a business minor, came to Oregon State University to help. With […]

Student Spotlight – Shawn Ichikawa

The Honors College prides itself on providing an interdisciplinary education that encourages the exploration of both the arts and sciences. Honors College student Shawn Ichikawa exemplifies this blend. Shawn is a third-year bioengineering major hailing from Austin, Texas, who cherishes Oregon State’s engineering program and has discovered other artistic passions during his time in Corvallis. […]

Student Spotlight – Tali Ilkovitch

The Oregon State University Honors College encourages its students to enact change around them and become leaders in promoting it. Honors College student Tali Ilkovitch has risen to this challenge. Hailing from Maryland, Tali is a fourth-year student majoring in natural resources in the College of Forestry. Tali, who uses they/them pronouns, has always felt […]

What the First Week as an OSU Honors Student is Really Like

If you’re an Honors College student living in a residence hall, your first week might have been a little like mine: a mess of community, shenanigans and a great deal of walking. Move-In Day After moving my older sister into her residence hall several years ago, I expected move-in day to be a sweaty mess […]

Collaborating to Connect: The Development of the New HC Community Connector App

In Fall 2021, Dean Toni Doolen worked with a group of Honors College students, who were members of the HC Leadership Circle and charged the group with finding ways to increase student engagement with the Honors College. Over the course of the academic year, the students developed a variety of approaches and ideas, and at […]

Shaurya Gaur – Student Spotlight

The Honors College empowers students to pursue the intersection of their academic interests and how they wish to change the world — and Honors College fourth-year student Shaurya Gaur has become a shining example of that. Born in South India, Shaurya moved to the U.S. with his father when he was seven years old and […]

Taking Flight: The Honors College Welcomes the Return of International Opportunities

The opportunity to study internationally has long been a uniquely rewarding part of many students’ undergraduate experiences, but COVID restrictions have made it one that can also be uniquely difficult to access. With a little luck and a lot of persistence, though, it is still possible. Oregon State staff and faculty members James Sterns, Dominique […]

5 Great Things About Living in a Residence Hall

I tried to research as much as I possibly could before moving to campus my first year at Oregon State University, but it ended up being so much more than I had expected! The following information is based on the two years I spent living in Sackett Hall, one of the honors residence halls. Here […]

Healthy Food for All: Honors Program Alum Gives Back to the HC

“The instant ramen of the health food world” — that is what Oregon State University honors program alum Jan Matsuno set out to create when she left her traditional corporate job to build a company from scratch, right from her very own kitchen. Four years and one global pandemic later, her products have landed on […]

Come As You Are

Growing up in Corvallis alongside an autistic sister, Sahana Shah gained an appreciation for her family member’s unique perspectives and learning style. But Sahana couldn’t help having concerns. “What is her future going to look like? Will she go to college?”  When Sahana arrived at Oregon State University with a Donald G. and Grace I. […]