Sean Bullock – Student Spotlight

The Oregon State University Honors College encourages students to take their studies beyond the classroom and make an impact on the greater community. Third-year mechanical engineering student and recent Goldwater Scholarship nominee Sean Bullock is doing just this through his medical start-up company and his community-centric musical endeavors. Engaging in research has been a priority […]

Maya Sonpatki – Student Spotlight

The Oregon State University Honors College attracts a wide variety of students, from aspiring engineers and chemists to poets and musicians. But they all have one thing in common: a drive to make a difference in the world. Maya Sonpatki, a third-year Honors College student, strives for equity in the healthcare system and plans to […]

Intrigue and Inquiry: Four Honors College Students Participate in Art-Sci Fellowship

“The greatest scientists are always artists as well.” -Albert Einstein The view that the arts and the sciences are two completely separate, even opposing, spheres is as old as is it is inaccurate. The Oregon State University Art-Science Fellowship was created to push back against this misconception and help students discover and explore the distinctive […]

Honors College Students Rebuild Mock Trial Team

Membership in many student organizations at Oregon State University declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it was difficult or impossible to meet in person or hold events. But, driven by the commitment of students, groups are beginning to bounce back. One club trying to rebuild is Oregon State’s mock trial team, led by two Honors […]

Committing to the Pivot: HC Alum Finds Success Along a Non-Linear Path

During their time at Oregon State University, honors students are taught that progress is not linear – and that is often a good thing. That’s why the Honors College fosters a culture that empowers students to explore their curiosities, both inside and outside their fields of study. Honors alum Justin Chi serves as an excellent […]

Student Spotlight: Shahinaz El Sayed

From the College of Agriculture’s sheep and swine centers to the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University is dedicated to the study and care of animals of all shapes and sizes. This is what attracted second-year Honors College student Shahinaz El Sayed to Oregon State. Born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, […]

Student Spotlight – Lillian Waddick

According to the American College Health Association, nearly three quarters of university students reported moderate or severe psychological distress at some point during their academic year. These are the exact kinds of people that Lillian Waddick, a third-year honors student majoring in psychology with a business minor, came to Oregon State University to help. With […]