A New Perspective

Going into my first Honors Colloquia class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had made a couple inferences based off the name: Toy Based Technology for Children with Disabilities, and read the class description, but those didn’t begin to scratch the surface of what I would learn in this class. On the first day […]

Do you really have time for the Honors College?

One major misconception about the Honors College (HC) that discourages students from applying is the fear that their busy schedule and course rigor will consume them. So, let’s break this down a bit. In this blog post, we’ll delve a bit more into this frequently asked question and hopefully, debunk the fear that most students […]

Medicine and public health come together in Ecuador internship

Originally published on Synergies. An internship could be located just 10 minutes from campus, but Emily Burney would rather travel to the equator, some 4,000 miles away. As a wide-eyed high school senior, Emily learned about international internships while on a tour of Oregon State’s campus. She was intrigued, and four years later she made her international dream a reality with an internship […]

Free Coffee and Easy Conversation – A Recipe for Honors Success

The smell of coffee and the sound of engaging conversation are a comfort in any environment. Even better, though, is that same experience taking place right in the heart of the Honors College. Each term, the Oregon State University Honors College puts on one or more events known as Honors College Community Coffees – HC […]

Finding Inspiration in South America – Erika Sawka

The Honors College gave me the opportunity to travel to South America, a part of the world I’ve never been, and engage in a wonderful community service project. I was inspired to visit Argentina not only to see their vibrant culture and practice my Spanish, but also to make an impact on an issue I […]

Tales of King Arthur –Ann Helms

My experience was studying abroad at the University of Sussex, in Brighton, in southern England. I studied twentieth century British history, focusing on politics, war, and welfare, as well as consumerism and history. I got the chance to travel both during and after my study abroad; in the U.K., I traveled to Cornwall, Hampshire, the […]

Applying Biology to Engineering – Sarani Chatterjee

My favorite subject, throughout my school career, has always been biology. I have been fascinated with intricacies of the human body ever since my first biology class in high school. Attending Oregon State University has given me the opportunity to explore my interest in science by understanding how biology could be applied to engineering. Applying […]

Language, Culture, Art, and Management – Casey Anderson

I spent four amazing months in the fall of 2013 living with a family and going to a university in Madrid, Spain. The Honors Experience Scholarship helped make this possible. It was an amazing learning experience in that I gained knowledge about the Spanish language and culture, Spanish art, and International Management from a new […]

Peaceful and Surreal in Argentina – Anthony Amsberry

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” – Marcus Aurelius In high school language classes, I developed a passion for Spanish culture. My studies in bioengineering here at Oregon State have spurred a strong interest in medical care. So, when an opportunity arose to experience […]

To the U.K. and Back – Jessica Kibler

In early fall, 2013, while trees were still green in Oregon, my aunt and I boarded a plane headed way east, further east than I’d ever been before. We initially landed in Amsterdam, but after a few days of pancake-eating and espresso-sipping, we took a train through the Chunnel to London. We stayed for much […]