Jaga Giebultowicz Named the 2018 Honors College Meehan Eminent Mentor

Following years of outstanding mentorship of honors students, Department of Integrative Biology Professor Jaga Giebultowicz was named the Margaret and Thomas Meehan Honors College Eminent Mentor for 2018. This award recognizes one honors faculty member each year for their mentorship of honors students, particularly through the thesis process. Students and recent alumni can nominate their […]

A New Perspective

Going into my first Honors Colloquia class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had made a couple inferences based off the name: Toy Based Technology for Children with Disabilities, and read the class description, but those didn’t begin to scratch the surface of what I would learn in this class. On the first day […]

Fungi Mutations and Future Plans

It’s very likely an uncommon experience for undergraduate research to have findings pertinent to the development of genetic diseases and cancer. For fourth-year honors biochemistry and biophysics student Mark Geisler, though, that’s just another day in the lab. “I’ve been working in Michael Freitag’s lab in Biochemistry and Biophysics for two and a half years […]

Medicine and public health come together in Ecuador internship

Originally published on Synergies. An internship could be located just 10 minutes from campus, but Emily Burney would rather travel to the equator, some 4,000 miles away. As a wide-eyed high school senior, Emily learned about international internships while on a tour of Oregon State’s campus. She was intrigued, and four years later she made her international dream a reality with an internship […]

A Family’s Well and the Human Impact of an Honors College Thesis

It was a family’s real-world issue with their well that inspired Julianne Robinson’s thesis project – and inspired one of the biggest lessons the honors ecological engineering major took from her research experience: the importance of human interaction. This was something her teachers and mentors had been telling her all along. “I had an engineering […]

Free Coffee and Easy Conversation – A Recipe for Honors Success

The smell of coffee and the sound of engaging conversation are a comfort in any environment. Even better, though, is that same experience taking place right in the heart of the Honors College. Each term, the Oregon State University Honors College puts on one or more events known as Honors College Community Coffees – HC […]

Marketing for Good

Hamza Molvi is not only a fifth-year Honors College student double-majoring in marketing and Business Information Systems, he is also the photographer and designer behind Honors College social media and many HC print pieces and publications. But this past summer, he found himself in an unusual new role that had him taking photos of dogs […]

Ecosystem Exploration

Each fall, an Honors College (HC) student cohort packs up sleeping bags, tents, and rain gear and leaves Corvallis to explore oft-ignored areas of the Pacific Northwest. Led by John Buckhouse, emeritus professor in the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences, and his team of hand-picked experts, the students learn about the ecosystems of each […]

Graduate Riley Kinser’s Experiential Learning, Honors Thesis Help Him Land a Dream Job

Riley Kinser kept himself more than busy in his time at Oregon State. Kinser was in the College of Business’ Honors program, took part in the Austin Entrepreneurship Program (where his team took first place in the Business Plan Competition), and served as the president of the Oregon State Investment Group (OSIG). Even though graduation took place just over […]

To the U.K. and Back – Jessica Kibler

In early fall, 2013, while trees were still green in Oregon, my aunt and I boarded a plane headed way east, further east than I’d ever been before. We initially landed in Amsterdam, but after a few days of pancake-eating and espresso-sipping, we took a train through the Chunnel to London. We stayed for much […]