Lights from Underground

Students who enrolled in the Honors College colloquium “Publishing Underground” probably did not expect the title to be literal. But one winter day, underground they went, led by instructors Korey Jackson and Kelly McElroy, into the dark basement of Fairbanks Hall to use an old-fashioned letterpress. There, students learned to set type and to print […]

A Legacy of Changed Lives

At the end of fall term, 2018, two of the Honors College’s most engaged and beloved faculty partners retired following careers marked by distinction both in honors and across Oregon State University. College of Science faculty members Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal have been central figures within the college for over a decade. In that […]

Oregon State, Women, and the Honors College – Looking to the Past and Future

Though it may be a relatively new offering,“OSU, Women and Oral History: An Exploration of 150 Years” has already left its mark on Oregon State University. Introduced as an honors colloquium course last winter term, students enrolled in the class explore the theory and practice of oral history through the lens of women at Oregon […]

Free Coffee and Easy Conversation – A Recipe for Honors Success

The smell of coffee and the sound of engaging conversation are a comfort in any environment. Even better, though, is that same experience taking place right in the heart of the Honors College. Each term, the Oregon State University Honors College puts on one or more events known as Honors College Community Coffees – HC […]

Honors Students Recognized at Women’s Center Awards

Three Honors College (HC) students were recognized at the Oregon State University Women’s Center awards ceremony on May 19, 2014. Deepthika Ennamuri, Lubra Khan, and Kristina Schnell each received a 2014 Student Leader Award, which honors undergraduate women who show outstanding contributions to scholarship, leadership, and service in the Oregon State community. The three HC […]

John Frohnmayer speaks with Honors College students

On April 8th, 2014 eight Honors College students joined John Frohnmayer, former chairman of the National Endowment of the Arts, for lunch and a discussion about his career and his memoir, Leaving Town Alive: Confessions of an Arts Warrior. Frohnmayer was appointed to the chairmanship of the NEA by President George H.W. Bush in 1989 […]

New Advisor Joins the Honors College

Michelle McAllaster joined the Honors College as an academic advisor on March 31, 2014. Michelle was head advisor for mechanical engineering at Oregon State for the past seven years. During her career in higher education, her primary role has been advising of students in the School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering on course selection, […]

Striking a Match

As the weeks of the school year pile high, the typical university student begins to worship the summer. In the middle of winter, summer break is shared campus folklore, a faint promise of ease after the flood of projects and midterms has receded. But for many Honors College (HC) students, summer represents an entirely different […]

See, Do, LEARN: Honors College Makes the Most of Students’ Service Trips

On a fall afternoon in the Honors College enclave in Strand Ag Hall, instructor Dave Kovac started a session of HC 299 by playing Blood, Sweat and Tears’ 1969 hit “God Bless the Child.” He challenged about a dozen students to hear all — every nuance — of the band’s cover of the Billie Holiday […]

Faculty Student Mixer Encourages Undergraduate Research

A group of high-achieving students eager to further their studies got a unique glimpse into cutting-edge research happening within the College of Public Health and Human Sciences (PHHS) at a student/faculty mixer hosted by the Honors College (HC) in late January. The event allowed UHC students to learn about current PHHS research and meet potential […]