Pumpkin Gnocchi Healthy Beaver Bag

1 russet potato
1/2 cup of pumpkin
1.5 cup of AP four
1 Egg
Rosemary or lavender stem (pumpkin stem garnish)
1 Toothpick
Sauce: Butter

⁃ Start by bring water into a boil in a pot. Add russet potato for 35 mins till SOFT.

– In a separate bow mashed the cooked potatoes
⁃ In a large bowl mix together the 1/2 cup pumpkin, 1.5 AP cup flour, boiled potato and egg
⁃ once all mixed, knead with your hands for 5-7 minutes.
⁃ It should be tacky but not sticky and bounce back when you press into it slightly.
⁃ On a surface, start forming your dough into pumpkins by rolling it into a small balls (add flour if still sticky), then using a toothpick, make indents around the ball as you would normally see on a pumpkin.
⁃ Once you’ve rolled and formed all your pumpkins, add them all to a pot of boiling water. Stir to make sure they don’t stick. Once they’re all floating (about 5-7 minutes) take them off the boiling pot
⁃ Once they’ve finished cooking you can add some butter to a frying pan and fry the bottoms of the gnocchi for an extra crispy texture.



  • Eggs
  • Onion
  • Red pepper
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomato’s
  • Cheese


  • Wash and chop vegetables into cubes
  • Crack 2-3 eggs into a bowl whisk eggs until yokes have been beaten
  • Heat your pan a little over medium heat (add oil or butter to coat pan)
  • Once it is hot sauté vegetables until soft and brown
  • Remove from pan onto the side
  • Pour egg mixture into pan and season to taste (salt/pepper)
  • Let it sit until the egg starts to solidify
  • Then add the veggies and cheese on top of eggs evenly spread
  • After the veggies are in wait another minuet to be fully cooked
  • Then fold omelet over into thirds and remove from pan on to plate to enjoy

Roasted Vegetables


  • Olive Oil
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Parsnips
  • Yams
  • Seasoning packet: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder


  • Preheat oven to 425
  • Wash all veggies (scrub yams well!)
  • Peel parsnip, yams too if you want
  • Cut parsnip and yams into cubes
  • Put all veggies into a bowl
  • Pour olive oil into bowl (a couple of tablespoons is enough) and add seasoning packet
  • Mix the veggies and oil with hand
  • Put the veggies on a sheet pan
  • Place in oven for 45 minutes
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes to flip the veggies half way through
  • Use a fork to poke veggies to check if it’s fully cooked through once out of the oven

Food Strategy Thought: Roasted veggies are yummy straight out the oven. They can also be chilled and stored in the refrigerator and added to salads, pasta, or rice dishes later in the week. You can cook a whole pan of veggies and chill them to save time later and avoid the question: what do I do with half of a onion, yam, etc.

Bean & Cheese Burrito

Bean & Cheese burritos are the recipe of the week. Savory, cheesy, and packed with protein – it’s a great budget stretching dinner to add to your meal rotation.

Visit Isabel Orozco-Moore’s blog Isabel Eats to read her way to make a burrito (including a nice picture guide for folding.)  Her blog is great! Bringing authentic Mexican recipes with gorgeous photographs, her work is to share well tested versions that are easy for even beginning home cooks. https://www.isabeleats.com/bean-and-cheese-burritos#wprm-recipe-container-24805. Besides her website she is on youtube and instagram.

In the bag today you have the basic building blocks for a simple burrito: tortillas, cheese, beans, and taco sauce.  You can add ingredients at home to make Isabel’s version or try your own.

Tip: Store extra refried beans, cheese, and tortillas in the refrigerator after opening.


Food & Meal Planning Thought of the week: 

When I was living in the dorm my sophomore year, I had a meal plan that covered some but not all of my meals. Bean burritos were a go-to meal for me. They can be made easily in the microwave or on the stove top. One can of refried beans can make 4 small or 3 medium burritos. They were a piece of my food strategy.

What were my food needs? I knew my time was valuable to me – I had a full course load, 2 campus jobs, traveled on the debate team, I was dating, joined a faith community, and had fun just being with my friends on campus studying or at that time sitting in lounges watching music videos on tv.

I thought about how food fit into my priorities.  I wanted to ‘eat healthy’ and not work too hard at it. I wanted foods ready in a couple of minutes that were fast to eat. To feel satisfied I wanted to eat protein and fiber rich foods. Variety was less important to me in my dorm so there I arrived at my strategy. To feel satisfied I wanted to eat protein and fiber rich foods.

I would regularly buy a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread, a small jar of raspberry jelly, tortillas, a can of refried beans, and the smallest pack of cheese at the grocery store. I’d visit Taco Bell occasionally and stock up on extra packets of hot sauce to keep in my dorm so I didn’t have to spend extra money.  Peanut butter and Jelly alternating with bean & cheese burritos wasn’t always a lot of variety but it met my needs for food strategy. I could change it up when I decided to.

-Emily, Food Security Programs Manager at the the BNC