Active Learning in Engineering Courses – February 12th Event: Engagement Questions and Resources

Update: College of Engineering teaching faculty, the Active Learning in Engineering Courses – Applications and Examples panel was held on Monday, February 12th, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. in Kerney 311 and on Zoom. Below is information about the event, along with pre/post engagement survey questions, and active learning articles for food for thought. We invite you to participate in our survey and explore the resources below. The video recording is accessible here.

Event Description

Have you ever thought about trying active learning, but not known how to start? Dive into the world of active learning with our expert panel. Discover hands-on, practical strategies to bring your classroom to life. This session will kick off with a compelling presentation on the effectiveness of active learning, followed by real-world examples from our panelists. Engage in an interactive discussion and leave equipped with innovative ideas to transform your teaching approach.  Food provided.


Pre Engagement Questions

Here are the pre engagement questions to get us thinking about active learning. If you are willing, it would be useful to us if you submit your responses to the below questions on our survey, accessible via this link using your OSU ONID. We will use it to guide our work.

  • A. What are 2-3 of your primary goals as an educator? B. How does active learning relate to those goals for you? 
  • What are your experiences using active learning in your course(s)? 
  • What questions do you have about implementing active learning?

Active Learning Resources

Below are a couple of getting started resources we recommend reviewing on active learning.

Post Engagement Questions

After attending the session or reviewing the recording if you are willing, it would be useful to us in guiding our work if you submit your responses on our survey, accessible via this link.

  • What are one or two things you are thinking about doing as a result of this session?
  • What could be helpful to you to implement these ideas? (Examples: follow up one-on-one or small group discussion, additional resources, etc.)
  • Do you have any resources related to the topic you’d like to share with us? Explain.
  • Do you have any lingering questions related to the topic?

Related OSU Resources

The topics in this event may spur questions that our colleagues are here to discuss. They provide one-on-one consults and more! Check out their resources.

College of Engineering Faculty – Thank You for Participating

College of Engineering faculty, your expertise and passion for teaching are what make the College of Engineering a leader in innovative education. This event is a stepping stone towards transforming our classrooms into vibrant, engaging spaces where students and educators alike thrive.

Upcoming Events

This is one of a series of events sponsored by the college of Engineering administration and organized by the College’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Fellows. The next event is March 5th, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Less is More – How and Why Focusing on Fewer Concepts is Good for Student Learning. Stay tuned for additional information!


Felder, R. (2009, November 25). Active learning with dr. Richard Felder. YouTube.

Hake, R. R. (1998). Interactive-engagement versus traditional methods: A six-thousand-student survey of Mechanics Test Data for introductory physics courses. American Journal of Physics, 66(1), 64–74.

Authors: College of Engineering CTL Fellows: Shane Brown, Devlin Montfort, and CTL Fellows Program Assistant Director, Cheridy Aduviri

  • Photos of College of Engineering event by Cub Kahn.
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