Service Desk Digest 4/13/2020

KB Updates

  • Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Cloud. We can install Acrobat or the full Creative Cloud suite on personal devices with the temporary “at-home” license (good through May 30, 2020). Search for the #acrobat tag in the KB. Note that this option may not be as feature-rich as the paid personal version.
  • Soft Phone Install. I updated the install steps given feedback we received from several of you as well as from customers. Feel free to modify further if it needs it. Search for the #softphone tag in the KB.

Some Stats

Between March 12 and April 12, we took 5,514 calls lasting 1,149 hours. Our work load (based on hours in calls) peaked at 3.1 times normal over Spring Break, and was about 2.4 times normal last week. We are trending back downward, but I suspect average call length will continue to be longer than before as we deal with additional complexity.

Meanwhile, our customer satisfaction rating (based on surveys) over that same time period has been 97.5%, higher than normal; 85% of customers rated our service “Excellent”. A few examples of what customers have said:

Andre Farque was SUPER helpful. He walked me thru the process of navigating OSU emails, portals, etc — in a kind and skillful way. He probed gently to find the source of problems — and then helped me to fix them. A+++

Paul Schreiner helped me with this issue. He was terrific! It was an uncommon problem, one that he had not seen before. He did not let up but reached out to his co-workers and after much determination and diligence, he contacted me back and took care of the problem. Paul is very patient, kind, professional and knowledgeable, and I greatly appreciated his help! Thank you Paul!

Peter did a great job. The simple task I needed done proved not so simple – common in the IT/device world. Peter hung in there and youtubed what to do on a device he is not naturally familiar with. He was able to relay the youtube info to me perfectly. It is hard to balance an uneducated customer (me), someone talking to him on the side (youtube), and the device itself (S10) all at once. In conclusion, Peter admitted he did not know the answer immediately but he was committed to figuring it out and not leaving our conversation until the task had been completed. Well done.

thanks for having workers on Saturday

I appreciate everyone’s diligent work and help in problem solving and getting me the exemption until my token arrives. Thank you so much for being available every day throughout this first week of classes I really appreciate all of your team. Special thanks to Jonathan Phang who went above and beyond calling me to follow up with another possible fix…he was genuinely worried for me! Thanks again guys, what a great team!

Team diagnosed the underlying issue, resolved it quickly, and communicated well with me at every step

Isay provided a very high level of service in resolving my IT issue. His expertise and diligence was very much appreciated!

Excellent service. Thank you. I believe I have the name correct – Jeffrey Bonnichsen. Very efficient, patient and helpful. All my interactions with Service Desk Staff have always been excellent. Thank you

I received my approval to work after hours at milne sooner than expected.

I had excellent assistance!! thanks so much!

The staff member at Hatfield Marine Science Center was able to get my phone hooked up via my computer quickly.

I received a comprehensive email regarding how to solve the problem I was having with zoom. I have not experienced any more issues.

Hamza is an all-star!

Ed was excellent!

Staff walked me through the process of adding a new android device for Duo authentication. They did a fine job.

Every tech during the COVID-19 event has been awesome!

Very helpful, very friendly, immediately got my issues solved and followed up with extra info in case something else went wrong. Very pleased with the service.

Paul Schreiner was the Service Desk staff member who helped me. He was extraordinarily professional, knowledgeable, a patient. Paul provided outstanding service with an upbeat personality. Thanks!

The technician was very friendly patient and competent. Solved my problem with clear expertise.

My account was compromised due to clicking on a phising email. The support I received from IS during this stressful time was wonderful. Thank you for your quick response and awesome help!

Dennis was very helpful and was able to resolve my login problem very quickly.

Ed was fantastic, such a huge help. We solved the problem, and I would not have been able to do it without him.

Noah (E) was amazing and patient and kind – I am so grateful for all the help he gave me – I would have never figured out my docking station without his help!

Kade was terrific spending time until issues resolved. I’ve had nothing but great service from service desk. Bravo.

Austin was wonderful! Patient, helpful and professional.

Thank you very much for your help with this and your continued support for a lot of us working at home these days!

Thank you so much for all your help: Victor, Dennis and Zac!

Eddi helped me and persevered thru several tasks and two hours of support in helping me get what i needed. thanks

we had lost a folder in BOX, accidentally deleted by a previous owner. they worked hard to recover it. we appreciate their persistence.

As always your staff was patient & helpful. My problem was solved. Great job! Many thanks.