Service Desk Channel Moving to Teams

As you may have noticed, all of UIT are moving from Slack to Teams, and it’s time to move the Service Desk channel over as well.

We have two teams that all of you should be in over in Teams:

  • IS Client Services – for internal, departmental topics specific to us. Membership is managed by Kirsten and Max.
  • OSU IT – for more public conversation among communities of practice across IT at OSU. Membership is updated automatically by IAM based on Grouper groups.

You might be wondering why the Service Desk channel is in the more public team. (Note: it is actually restricted to IT Pros, but is “public” in the sense that a lot of people are there, including some CN customers.) The reason is that folks across campus are interested in what the Service Desk is doing and talking about, and like to lurk in our channel. While the Service Desk channel is not intended to be a support mechanism, it is a useful tool for sharing information about things we are all seeing at tier 1 support. We didn’t want to break that.

What is Happening?

On Friday, 4/3/2020 at about 4:00pm, I will archive the #service-desk channel in Slack. (Assuming nothing super crazy happens tomorrow…)

Prior to that, I will be reminding folks to take conversations they would usually have in #service-desk over to the “Service Desk” channel in the OSU IT Team.

Why??? I love Slack.<Sad Emojis>, etc.

We need to all be in one chat tool. Being in two is making some things very difficult. Most of UIT has already moved over so we have to use Teams to contact them anyway.

Feature-wise, Slack and Teams do most of the same things. If you need help, please ask. Microsoft has a lot of good tutorials and such, and I’ve started documenting common issues we’re seeing here in our KB:

What Even Is Teams?

Teams is OSU’s official chat platform. Get there via and login as

When chatting with a student employee, make sure to use their account.

Is Slack Going Away?

No, not yet. Please note that while UIT has an instance of Slack at, other departments around campus have their own Slack instances. UIT is moving off of Slack in favor of Teams, but that doesn’t mean other departments are doing that yet.

Where Did All the Slack Channels Go?

I will get this into the KB shortly, too, but quick cheat sheet:

  • #teamdynamix -> OSU IT / ITSM
  • #accounts -> OSU IT / Accounts
  • #duo -> OSU IT / Accounts
  • #box -> OSU IT / Productivity Tools
  • #is-campus-labs -> OSU IT / Endpoint and Labs
  • #endpoint-team -> OSU IT / Endpoint and Labs
  • #service-desk -> OSU IT / Service Desk

New Teams KB Articles

I’ve created several KB articles for known Teams issues:

Regarding the external members and guests, neither is working at this time. Please escalate such requests to the Office 365 tier 2 team. We will let people know what the status is, and keep them posted regarding changes.