Teams Updates for Service Desk

Based on usage and feedback, I’ve made a few changes to hopefully simplify our use of Teams.

Client Services Team

The team “IS Client Services” has been renamed to “Client Services” and I have removed several channels that were not being used. I’ve added a tab in the General channel that explains where to post. Note that the “Client Services” team is restricted to employees of Client Services. Use the “SD Internal Talk” channel (was formerly “sd-troubleshooting”) for anything that you would rather not discuss in a more public forum.


Most of our chat will happen in the Service Desk channel in the OSU IT team. The OSU IT team consists of IT Pros from across campus. Folks around campus appreciate being able to see what we are talking about, which is why that channel is over there.

I encourage you to look through the other channels in the OSU IT team as well. For help using the OSU IT team, select the General channel and view the help documents located in the Files tab.

Channels to Pin

For Service Desk student employees, I recommend that you pin the following channels to make it easy to see updates:

  • Client Services -> SD Internal Talk
  • Client Services -> sd-tradeboard
  • OSU IT -> Service Desk
  • OSU IT -> isitdown
  • OSU IT -> UIT Maintenance
  • OSU IT -> M365 Service updates

In addition, you may want to pin the following private channels if you are in them:

  • Client Services -> SD Staff
  • Client Services -> CN Accounts
  • Client Services -> sd-student-leads


If you are still having issues with Teams notifications, please review this KB article:

And let me know if you have questions!

In-Person Appointments


For the time being, please coordinate in-person (in Milne) appointments with Ken Howard or Max Cohen, and CN appointments with Robin Castle or Max Cohen. Jeff will be working from remote and then on leave for a few weeks.

We are still trying to limit in-person contact as much as possible. Do your best to assist customers via remote, but also know that it is not your job to argue with customers. If something merits an in-person visit, or the customer is insisting, please escalate that request to Max, Ken or Robin to decide.

Let me or Max know if you have any questions.