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Job/Internship of the Week at and t
AT&T Retail Leadership Development Program


The Retail Leadership Development Program

Apply for AT&Ts Retail Leadership Development Program and connect to your future! The program begins with six-month training program based in Atlanta that puts college graduates with outstanding potential on a fast track to retail sales management and future leadership opportunities throughout AT&T. Its your first step to building an exciting, continually progressing career.

This program offers you a chance to put your potential to work in a company that has a strong culture of opportunity and growth. As the one of the largest communications company in the United States and the world and a leading provider of wireless services in the U.S., AT&T offers innovative communications products and services and the newest technologies to our customers each and every day. On top of that, AT&T provides a challenging and exciting workplace for employees.

For more information on how to apply, check out the posting in Beaver JobNet.

internship signThere are many ways to find internship opportunities and I always encourage students to implement all strategies. Before even starting to find an internship, it is a good idea to think about what you want to get out of the internship. In order to know what you want to get out of the internship, first think about what skills and experiences you need to have in order to get the job you want when you graduate.  Check out multiple job descriptions, talk to people in the field and make a list of those qualifications. Then note the ones that you have and the ones you still need to develop. The ones you need to develop could be incorporated into your internship. For example, maybe you need to know a specific software program, or maybe you need to have experience presenting to others – include these in your learning outcomes for the internship.

Once you have identified the learning outcomes you will feel more prepared to find opportunities and you will appear more focused and confident to those looking to hire someone. Networking is always important, no matter the field, so tell all of your family, friends, professors, advisors, etc. that you are looking for an internship. Don’t just tell them you are looking for an internship, prepare a 30 second spiel that articulates what you want such as the industry, some companies or organizations that interest you, what you would like to get out of the internship, and anything else that you feel is important to include. You never know who someone in your network may know!

Besides networking, other strategies include paying attention to the emails you get from your professors, academic advisors, department, etc. Oftentimes they send opportunities your way but you have to actually read and follow up on the email. If your school has a job database this is another place to look for internships since employers are posting on that site because they want students from that particular school (at OSU it is Beaver JobNet). Career Fairs also often have internship opportunities, so be sure to attend! Depending on your major and field of interest, some companies have actual internship programs and those you can typically find on the company’s website or just do an online search of internship programs in “fill in the blank of your field.” Another great resource for internship opportunities are through professional associations. Every field has at least one professional association or society and many offer a student discount rate to join. Many also have internship postings on their website and you don’t always have to be a member to view them. Some companies are now recruiting through social media. LinkedIn offers job and internship postings and you can also search Twitter for internships in a specific field, for example, marketing internships. Just remember to make sure you have a clean and professional online presence!

These are just a handful of strategies to finding an internship…now just make sure you do at least one internship while in school. You’ll not only build a stronger resume, but learn about yourself and your future career.

Posted by Jen Busick Stewart, Career Advisor & Outreach Coordinator

To view this job/internship listing, you must be a currently registered OSU student and have an existing Beaver JobNet account. If you are eligible and do not have an account, register now. Beaver JobNet is a great way to get your job or internship search started. Meet employers from a variety of organizations.

Job/Internship of the Week sqa-labs-squarelogo
SQA Labs Inc.
.Net Developer


Microsoft .Net Developer will develop or customize software for client use. The .Net Developer’s role is to develop, implement, analyst, and troubleshoot software programs and applications.

Responsibilities include:

• Configuring
• Coding
• Developing
• Documentation

Common System Platform and System Knowledge:

Visual, .NET Framework, CSS, Ajax, ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, IIS , XML, XSLT, MS Visio, MS SQL Server, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Views, JavaScript and Windows Server, Web Service SQL Server Reporting Services.

For more information on how to apply, check out the posting in Beaver JobNet.

government jobsThe federal government has a tremendous amount of jobs across the United States. However, there are many myths associated with working for the federal government. These can drive students away from considering the federal government when looking for jobs and internships, leading them to miss out on great opportunities. By the end of this article, I will debunk these four myths.

Myth #1: Federal employees are paper pushers and are caught up in bureaucracy.
The federal government has more than 300 departments and agencies, and each performs different tasks, such as improving our education, advancing science, insuring our security and health, and preserving our environment. None of them is restricted to paperwork. Last summer, I had the privilege to intern at Brookhaven National Laboratory, the home of seven Nobel Prize winners and one of the sub-agencies of the federal government. This was not just an internship. I gained hands-on experience with cutting-edge devices, performed scientific research, made many connections with world-class scientists, and attended a wide variety of scientific lectures and career development workshops.

Myth #2: Salaries for federal employees are low and you are better off in the private sector.
The pay scale for many federal jobs uses the general schedule system and is graded from 1-15. The grades depend on the type of degree and several other factors such as class standing and GPA. For example, an undergraduate would be a GS-5, an undergraduate with honors GS-7 and graduate student GS-9. Each grade has ten steps, allowing for a range of salaries.  For example, an employee with a GS-7 step 1 salary gets paid $33,979 per year, while an employee with a GS-7 step 10 salary receives $44,176.

On top of these salaries, there is the student loan repayment assistance program. Some agencies may repay up to $10,000 of student loans per year. In 2008, 35 agencies provided 6,879 employees with $51 million in student loan assistance.

Myth #3: All federal jobs are located in Washington, DC.
In fact, only approximately 16% of federal jobs are located in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The rest are located throughout the United States, not to mention the more than 50,000 jobs overseas! The Department of Energy, for example, has office locations in 30 states across the U.S., and when I interned at Brookhaven, I was working in New York.

Myth #4: The application process is complicated and overwhelming.
I have met many students who find the application process through overwhelming. It definitely can look that way but it isn’t once you create an account and start navigating the website. The basic process of applying for a federal job is as follows:

  1. Find a job that you’d like to apply for.

When applying for a federal job, the first thing you must do is to look for available jobs before even creating your résumé. Nearly all federal jobs are posted on

  1. Create your résumé.

The federal résumé, like private sector résumés, should be tailored to each specific opportunity. That is why you have the option to build up to five résumés in USAJobs. Federal résumés have different structures and more detail than private sector résumés. When building your federal résumé, you have two options: you can create one and then upload it, or you can build one through the website. The second option, from my point of view, is the easier one, because it only requires filling in your information by using an online form. This ensures that all the necessary information has been included in your résumé. After you are done with these two steps, you are left with questionnaires and, for some jobs, essay questions.

Overall, the federal government provides lucrative job opportunities for any level of experience, from an internship while you’re in college to a senior executive. Don’t let these four myths stand stop you from achieving a meaningful career in the private sector. Check out for your opportunity today.

Posted by Ahmad Mohammad, U.S. Department of Energy Student Ambassador

NOTE: This post was written by a guest blogger and the content for the post approved by Oregon State University Career Services. We are not responsible for the content of  the websites linked in the post.

To view this job/internship listing, you must be a currently registered OSU student and have an existing Beaver JobNet account. If you are eligible and do not have an account, register now. Beaver JobNet is a great way to get your job or internship search started. Meet employers from a variety of organizations.

Job/Internship of the Week T_1234089722
Software Engineer


The Software Engineer is a member of the engineering team and works closely with the Program Management, QA and Creative teams to develop new products, integrate custom solutions of existing products, and maintain current products and platforms. This position involves working directly with customers to help integrate and customize our products to meet their needs.

• Participate in business requirements team analysis
• Develop, test, and maintain new products/services based on requirements
• Develop, test, and maintain our web and kiosk solutions for our customers.
• Follow software development guidelines.
• Participates in agile-based project management, troubleshooting, and proactive feedback
• Stay current on the state of the art of development on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Qualifications / Skills Required:
• Strong problem solving and debugging skills.
• Experience using the Microsoft platform, .NET, Visual Studio, and C#.
• Experience using relational DBMS, experience using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL a plus.
• Experience developing with web technologies including ASP.NET, AJAX, HTML, and CSS.
• Experience with designing and consuming web services: REST, XML & JSON payloads
• Demonstrable experience building and/or maintaining native mobile applications (iOS/Android)
• Experience with responsive design and mobile web development techniques
• Experience with the Scrum development process is a plus.
• A sense of humor.

• Bachelor’s degree required, Computer Science major strongly preferred.

Additional Information
• Full-time
• Reports to Director of Engineering
• This position is based in Portland, Oregon.

For more information on how to apply, check out the posting in Beaver JobNet.

Blog photo (LinkedIn)LinkedIn has become known to be one of the best social networking websites for people in professional occupations. Some of the main purposes of LinkedIn are to make connections with other people in the professional world. Once this takes place and people upload their resumes to showcase their work within their communities, it can then be used to look for jobs. Employers can also list jobs and search for potential candidates based on what people put on their personal profiles. It is highly recommended to have a LinkedIn profile. It is important to stay on top of your profile; you want to make sure it is up to date so you look like the “ideal candidate” for your possible future employers. Here is a list of 5 ways/ tips to get noticed on LinkedIn, using that profile you worked so hard to create and keep polished.

1.)   Spruce up your career summary with relevant keywords. Recruiters and employers often look for skills and expertise a candidate obtains so highlight your qualifications by including certain keywords in your career summary.

2.)   Participate in discussions. LinkedIn is full of different groups you can join, so find ones related to your industry and occupation and respond to comments and questions using the discussion and message boards with intelligent/articulate answers, these may attract recruiters which may lead to a possible interview or job offer down the road.

3.)   Build up your connections. Connect with as many people as possible, from entry level employees to vice-presidents. Recruiters look at the number of connections you have, as well as who you are connected to, to evaluate your networking skills.

4.)   Post recommendations on your profile. If you solved a problem or contributed to an important project at work and a co-worker of yours writes a recommendation about you, make sure it gets posted to your profile as well, not just theirs.

5.)   Regularly update your status. Everyone you are “linked” to or who is in your network sees your updates when you post them, so make yourself more visible. It’s not a bad idea to post the fact that you are looking for work because all it takes is getting noticed by one person, the possibilities are endless!

Take these tips and suggestions into consideration when you start or continue to use LinkedIn. They could be extremely helpful to you getting more connections and hopefully getting that dream job you’ve been searching, waiting, and working so hard for. Good Luck!


 Posted by Carly Larson, Career Services Assistant

To view this job/internship listing, you must be a currently registered OSU student and have an existing Beaver JobNet account. If you are eligible and do not have an account, register now. Beaver JobNet is a great way to get your job or internship search started. Meet employers from a variety of organizations.

Job/Internship of the Week state-farm-logo
Claim Associate
State Farm Insurance


Our claims associates are critical to the success of State Farm because of their direct contact with current and potential customers. Claim Associates in the new Express area handle lower-complexity claims and ensure prompt routing of complex claims to other claim handling teams. At State Farm, our Claim Associates support the mission and values of our company by providing Good Neighbor service throughout the claim handling process. The primary responsibilities of a Claim Associate-Express include:
Receiving and reviewing claim information
Applying claims settlement procedures to process claims, initiate claim payments, and close claim files
Communicating with customers and associates over the telephone and other communication channels
Working in a collaborative team environment to handle a large volume of claims and telephone calls
Using State Farm claims systems and other technologies to perform job duties
Express Claim Associates are a dedicated, in-office workforce assigned to our centralized claim environment. These positions will be housed in our centralized operation in Tacoma, Washington.

For more information on how to apply, check out the posting in Beaver JobNet.

JKRowlingPA_468x461It’s not uncommon for people to either change their career path partway through their lives, or even to fail many times before finding success. Here are some famous examples to help encourage you to follow your dreams and never give up:

J.K. Rowling

Rowling had it rough before Harry Potter hit success. Her mother died, she was divorced, and ended up in poverty raising a child by herself. Hers is the ultimate modern rags-to-riches story, going from living on welfare benefits to being a multi-millionaire in a matter of only a few years. She used many of the hardships she endured as inspiration for events and characters in the Harry Potter series.

Harrison Ford

Believe it or not, Harrison Ford became a professional carpenter after spending some time in Hollywood as an extra or in very minor, often uncredited, roles. His big break came when he was hired to build cabinets in George Lucas’s home, who subsequently cast him in American Graffiti and then, a few years later, as Han Solo in Star Wars.

Martha Stewart

Before Martha Stewart became an icon for domestic life, she was actually a stockbroker. She ended up moving to Connecticut and starting a catering business which would eventually morph into the multimillion dollar enterprise we know as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford actually had multiple failed attempts at starting his own company. His first company, Detroit Automobile Company, was dissolved by his board of directors. His next attempt, the Henry Ford Company, he left because of business disagreements with his partner. Learning from the mistakes he made along the way, he was able to recover and finally established the Ford Motor Company.


50 Famous People Who Failed at Their First Attempt at Career Success

Seven Famous Career Switchers

11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30

Posted by Deirdre Newton, Career Services Assistant

To view this job/internship listing, you must be a currently registered OSU student and have an existing Beaver JobNet account. If you are eligible and do not have an account, register now. Beaver JobNet is a great way to get your job or internship search started. Meet employers from a variety of organizations.

Job/Internship of the Week CYGNUS_full
Web Developer Intern
Cygnus Technology INC


UI Developer Intern – must be hands-on and technical savvy…this is a position with well funded start up company. Please read below for details, and if you meet or exceed the requirements, we’d love to hear from you. As a UI developer Intern, you will play an instrumental role in driving the development and delivery of a new, modernized facelift to the rapidly evolving product line.

Entry level of web development experience.
Experience with HTML , CSS
Experience with JavaScript and AJAX;
Experience with JavaScript libraries (JQuery, Dojo, etc);
Good knowledge coding in languages in Java, JSP, Servlet or Struts.
Experience building user interfaces for customer/consumer facing websites and web-based applications
Experience defining code/design standards and creating styleguides
Demonstrated thought leadership around cutting edge technologies
Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
Knoweldge in MVC controller like Struts MVC or Spring MVC, PHP MVC and J2EE preferable.
Knowledge with PHP or JSP or other Java-based UI framework.
Strong Knowledge in developing Object Oriented JavaScript; using JSON , Java-style data structures and design patterns to create dynamic and stable routines and DOM objects.

For more information on how to apply, check out the posting in Beaver JobNet.

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Want to nominate an OSU student or alum for the Student/Alum Spotlight series? Or do you want to share your own success? Then please fill out this quick form and Career Services will contact the person nominated.

summerName: Summer Li
Degrees: BS – Marketing/Finance, MBA
Graduated: June 2013
Company: Rubicon

1. Tell us about yourself.
My goal has always been to work for a company that is cause focused and Corporate Social Responsibility orientated. Rubicon’s passion in Education and dedication in giving back to the global community aligns with my personal values precisely.

2. How did you land your job with Rubicon?
I first learned about Rubicon in February at a MBA career conference and decided to apply. Following the conference, I did an informational interview with one of the team members present at the conference and then turned in my application. After two rounds of interviews I was hired!

3. What advice do you have for others who are preparing for their job search or career?
I truly believe it is all about the quality rather than the quantity. I decided back in February that Rubicon is where I wanted to be and I worked toward it.
a.      Scheduling an informational interview is very important as you get to leave an impression and truly learn from a reliable source that no other research can provide.
b.      Do all the research you can, we are often the most confident when prepared fully.
c.      People always say be yourself, and I know this sound repetitive, but it is actually super important to be yourself! The interviewers are human, too, and they want to hire candidates they can relate to, can mesh well with!
d.      Be sure to follow-up, I really think hand-written notes are much more sincere. When writing, use your heart, don’t use your brain!
e.      Just because the world around you thinks it’s a tough market out there, it doesn’t mean you will have no luck. We are capable of accomplishing anything our mind is set to accomplish, and experiences are what we shape it to be!

4.      Did Career Services and/or anybody else assist you in anyway with your career development? If so, how?
I have received numerous help from Jen, Marian, Carolyn and Doug from the Career Service office. They helped me with my resume, mock interviews, and the most important, encouragement!

Thanks Summer for being our Student/Alum Spotlight! If you are interested in learning more about the job search process,  there are many resources available to you on the OSU Career Services website, including a specific section on preparing for your job search.  Be sure to check it out!