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Job/Internship of the Week state-farm-logo
Claim Associate
State Farm Insurance


Our claims associates are critical to the success of State Farm because of their direct contact with current and potential customers. Claim Associates in the new Express area handle lower-complexity claims and ensure prompt routing of complex claims to other claim handling teams. At State Farm, our Claim Associates support the mission and values of our company by providing Good Neighbor service throughout the claim handling process. The primary responsibilities of a Claim Associate-Express include:
Receiving and reviewing claim information
Applying claims settlement procedures to process claims, initiate claim payments, and close claim files
Communicating with customers and associates over the telephone and other communication channels
Working in a collaborative team environment to handle a large volume of claims and telephone calls
Using State Farm claims systems and other technologies to perform job duties
Express Claim Associates are a dedicated, in-office workforce assigned to our centralized claim environment. These positions will be housed in our centralized operation in Tacoma, Washington.

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