It is no secret that many students at Oregon State University have on campus jobs. The jobs available range from service oriented jobs (dining halls, coffee shops, or help desks) to clerical jobs (many departments have students workers working at the front desk) to support staff (maintenance and event supervision) and much further. There are jobs I never even knew existed. But the real question is … how did all of these students get these jobs and how can you get a job as well?

To start, figure out what types of jobs are available, what type of job you want, and what type of job matches your skill sets. The best place to look for jobs is through the Oregon State University Human Resources department. They have created a database where many on campus jobs for students are posted and the job postings are updated daily. To access this database:

  1. Go to the Oregon State University website
  2. Search “Student Jobs @ OSU”
  3. Click the top link, “Student Employment Program”, which will take you to the Office of Human Resources website
  4. Under the “Tools for Students” column click the green box, “OSU Jobs (Search/Apply for Student Jobs)
  5. On the next screen, click the orange “Student Employee” box to access the student job database
    There are a variety of jobs available (currently 61 jobs are posted) and the database includes job descriptions, locations, as well as position dates. Additionally, you will find information on how to apply. This information is extremely important as many departments have different application and hiring processes. Some departments ask you to apply through the database while others may ask you to contact specific people in the department. This information is generally found in the “Special Instructions to Applicants” section of the job posting.

Now that you have accessed the database, I recommend thinking about what type of job you want. Are you interested in working in an office? Do you have experience working in the food industry? In reality, many student jobs have similar pay grades, so really, deciding on which jobs you want to apply for depends on your preferences.

Many student jobs (along with real life jobs as well) ask for resumes and cover letters as part of the application process. For resources when writing your resume and cover letter, visit the Career Development Center website at Also, visit the Career Development Center office Monday through Thursday, 1-4 for in person assistance during drop-in hours – no appointment is necessary!

There are many jobs on campus (and spring is a popular time to hire for positions starting in the fall – the Career Development Center included!); finding the time to search for the jobs is the hardest part – hopefully this will help you get started!

DISCLAIMER: Not all jobs are posted on “Student Jobs @ OSU” (for example, Dixon Rec Center carries out their own hiring process) so if you have a question about hiring for a specific department, contact them directly.

Good luck with the job search!

Posted by, Kirby Erdman, Career Assistant

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